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Noor Review

To appeal to the young-audiences who fill up most of the seats for any film up for release (for getting selfies in those seats with their dates is another reality), mainstream Bollywood has been diverting its focus towards making youth-oriented cinema. 804 more words

Book Adaptation

Series End: "Bates Motel"

The way one responds to the end of a series is never predictable. It could be the best experience ever, even when really emotional. Or, it could just be okay and achieve enough of what you hope for. 1,120 more words


13 Reasons Why Netflix Series | Review & Discussion.

Unless you live in a cave, I’m sure you have heard of the book to the netflix series adaptation of 13 reasons why. (Linked to IMDb) It’s all the hype these days, I finished watching it a week ago and thought of writing this post as soon as I finish it but..let’s just say I’m super lazy. 1,057 more words

The Shining Review

A book and its movie adaptation should be treated as two different entities when they are talked about. This is a principle I have always adhered to when I have reviewed any book adaptation on this blog. 857 more words

Million Dollar Baby Review

Million Dollar is two movies emulsified into one, one is a sports movie and the other is a drama. Many movies have attempted this transition and failed miserably, but the skillful hands of Clint Eastwood never errs. 860 more words


Philomena Review

Philomena is based on the story of a ‘shamed mother’ by the name of Philomena Lee who sets out on a journey to find her lost son with the help of a journalist by the name of Martin Sixsmith. 811 more words


'A Man Called Ove'

Some 85 films were submitted for consideration for the 2017 best foreign language Oscar. Sweden’s entry, A Man Called Ove, made the final shortlist of five before losing out to Iran’s… 83 more words