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Stand By Me

A year ago, me and my close friend named Amogh, were requested by the principal of our school to represent our school in a science fair. 1,166 more words


10 Years: “The Da Vinci Code”

Adapting incredibly successful and popular novels is never easy. There’s the whole being a book adaptation, but then you have to take even more caution as the fanbase will be expecting something not simply good, but epic! 1,364 more words


10 Years: “Poseidon”

Disaster films are nothing new. Some are even fun and memorable, that they stand out over the course of decades. Others, aim high, but can’t even scratch the surface to even be considered good or enjoyable. 1,202 more words


Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

When: Tuesday 10th May 2016, 7.30pm

Where: Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Catherine Street

I’m glad I got to see this in its final year. As expected, it was a feast for the eyes! 180 more words


The Shannara Chronicles - Season 1

What do you get when you mix the end of the world with Lord of the Rings? A post-apocalyptic fairytale that MTV was very keen to turn into the next big obsession of the decade. 844 more words

Book Adaptation

'The Jungle Book'

Utterly charming!

Firmly targeted at families (and young kids in particular), inevitably the latest version of Kipling’s classic errs on the side of saccharine sweet (how else can you make a film about a boy being hunted by a tiger aimed at six year-olds?). 82 more words


Bookish discussion Monday: 4 reasons to not bash book-to-movie adaptations

Honest confession time: I’ve complained in the past about bad book adaptations A LOT. It’s easier bashing them and pin-point all the differences they have from the original source than to admit it will never be the same for many reasons. 594 more words