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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Recap: "All the Mirrors of the World"

“All the Mirrors of the World” marks the halfway point of the miniseries, and, fittingly, it’s an episode that is heavily concerned with balance. More accurately, it’s an episode that deals largely with the ways in which things are out of balance and are not right with our characters. 1,719 more words


Our Dream Cast For a 'Wool' Movie Adaptation

Hugh Howey’s popular sci-fi novel, Wool is being adapted for the big screen! After getting into a bidding war, 20th Century Fox was lucky enough to nab the rights to the novel in 2012. 475 more words

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Neil Gaiman Writing Multiple Episodes of 'American Gods' TV Adaptation

If you’re anticipating the Starz TV series based on the fantasy novel American Gods, we have even more thrilling news for you!

Deadline reports… 234 more words

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Jonathan Strange : How Is Lady Pole?

Mr Norrell finds success as the only magician in England by casting a spell on the English fleet to make them appear to be more than they are. 800 more words

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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Recap: "The Education of a Magician"

I always watch an episode at least twice before writing about it, and I’m very glad I did in this case. “The Education of a Magician” is definitely a piece of work that improves upon better acquaintance. 1,696 more words



Before watching the movie:

Similar to how the Batman franchise spun off Catwoman, after three Christopher Reeve movies, the Superman franchise spun off Supergirl… 845 more words


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Recap: "How is Lady Pole?"

For all that the novel, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is often said to be a slow starter, I feel like the adaptation so far has remained pretty remarkably true to the source material while also moving through it at a pretty good clip. 1,431 more words