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The Walking Dead Season 7: The Day Will Come... (Non-Spoiler Review)

In the interests of those who haven’t yet watched this episode, I won’t reveal any spoilers on who Negan killed.

I was dreading watching this. I think most people were but I’m surprisingly not as upset as I though I would be, nor am I surprised at who got killed. 950 more words


Practical Magic

Before watching the movie:

I really like modern-day spellcaster stories. I even found a fondness for Teen Witch. So all that I really need to be interested in this movie is that there are modern-day witch sisters. 545 more words


Legally Blonde

Before watching the movie:

So as I’ve heard, this is the story of a brilliant law student using sex appeal to break into Harvard so she can get un-dumped by her boyfriend. 644 more words


Books to Movies: Do you love them or hate them?

There’s always one book to movie adaptation that’s a great disappointment. For me that’s The Outsiders.

Personally it’s rare that I find myself being disappointed by a movie adaptation. 70 more words


Hannibal Season Two: Ko No Mono

(Yes! I’m still writing these, even if no one is reading them. They’re kinda fun to write, and good practice for my other essays.)

In the last episode we saw Will Graham murdering Freddie Lounds at his house, and we assume that he, and Hannibal, ate parts of her body. 1,967 more words

Recaps Reviews


I’m not the biggest fan of 2005’s Pride and Prejudice¬†& Pigs, starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen (this is my Darcy). However, I forgot that the two of them went on to star in the weird, anachronistic (dresses made out of denim) 2012 adaptation of… 12 more words


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Before watching the movie:

Apparently this is about a socialite falling in love with a writer. I don’t see from that description why this is one of Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic films. 524 more words