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Brewster's Millions

Before watching the movie:

I felt like I knew a lot about this movie until I started to try to write about it. What I know is that it was remade as a Richard Pryor vehicle (infamously), and the plot concerns having to spend a lot of money quickly in order to inherit a massive fortune. 674 more words


A Grand Miscellany

So I had…an exciting thing I can’t talk about yet to get done on Monday, so I didn’t get around to a post, because I’m slow and bad at blogging. 625 more words


I will def see The Martian if Neil DeGrasse Tyson tells me to

Full disclosure: I will definitely be seeing The Martian anyway because it comes out right before my birthday and I loved the book. But this new trailer thingy with Neil DeGrasse Tyson in it is really excellent: 56 more words


22 Great Movies Inspired by Even Better Books

In anticipation of Steven Spielberg‘s film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, we put our heads together and came up with a list of books-to-film adaptations we’ve really enjoyed and recommend as both good reads and good movies. 53 more words


2015 Academy Award Movie Reviews: Part 1

While we are a little-over-half-way-through for the next 2016 Award Season, I thought- maybe I’ll upload reviews for the winning titles of this year. First batch includes… 1,571 more words

Book Adaptations

Movie Review - "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

The teenage years are very emblematic in a person’s life, it is the moment where  both the body and the mind reach the point where they will stay during most of a person’s life. 551 more words