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9 Movie Adaptations That Are Worthy of Their Book

Gasp! The heresy! The Book is Always Better.

I know the rule, and 99.9% of the time I abide by it so don’t just read the title and come at me all flaming.

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American Gods Season One: Head Full of Snow


The title of this one is a reference to a scene from the book, when Wednesday tells Shadow to think of snow, but we begin this episode with an introduction to the Egyptian god, Anubis. 2,580 more words


Upcoming film releases: books to read now!

Happy ‘Everything, Everything’-release-day! In honour of it’s debut on-screen (and with time still left to read it beforehand) here’s a few other adaptations you might want to get reading before they hit the screens. 559 more words


They Gon' Learn!

Oh, didnt I tell you guys that since the elction, my job on Earth now, is to be a “Petty MF”? Now, I don’t have a whole lot of practice being petty. 109 more words


The Dark Tower (2017)


I am a total Dark Tower stan! I’ve read the entire series, multiple times (and if you’ve seen the size of those books, you’ll understand what a feat that is). 191 more words


The First Trailer for Stephen King's The Dark Tower is here

The trailer for Stephen King’s highly anticipated film adaptation is finally here.

Earlier this year Stephen King (Author of The Dark Tower novels) revealed the first poster for the movie with a caption “Pilgrims, there are other worlds than these, come with us on this adventure.” Since then we’ve been anticipating the teasers, posters and trailers. 339 more words

Discussion: Book Adaptations, good, bad or somewhere in between?

Right now, in the aftermath of Thirteen Reasons Why (see my opinion on this in this post), the book has become widely popular again. The book is back at the top of the best sellers lists. 763 more words