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So, today I’m doing a post on the features of Goodreads…

It’s not an advert, I’m simply sharing my love for this book nerd heaven. 446 more words


The Shadow Queen-C.J Redwine

Snow White retelling.

The generally premise of the story is:

Lorelai, crown princess, must save her kingdom.


Irina: Dangerous sorceress and evil ruler.

I could insert here, the entire of the book blurb, but the general premise is there. 240 more words


Starry Night-Isabel Gillies

Actual garbage.

Sorry, if you’ve loved this book.

I’m actually sorry.

This book has a typical premise.

Girl meets boy.

World gets swept away.

Bad  things happen. 214 more words


Books Shopping Cycle

So, I’ve been told by someone to respect their creation. And YES indeed, I already did it. If the book are good enough to be displayed in my bookshelf, I will not hesitate to buy the  legal ones. 29 more words


The Love That Split The World By Emily Henry

This is a weird-ass book.

Its currently 10:53 pm, which isn’t late but for a student with exams coming up, that’s very very late.

Forget beauty sleep. 287 more words


My Life Next Door By Huntley Fitzpatrick -Hannah

So I know Mosope has done a review on this book but I feel like she was mentally unstable at the time she read it and therefore didn’t see the true amazing-ness of this book. 289 more words


Book Addiction

Do you like books? Do you collect books? Well, we have the same hobby! I like books, I love hearing people’s opinion through books, I like getting secondary experience, etc. 864 more words