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My Life Next Door By Huntley Fitzpatrick -Hannah

So I know Mosope has done a review on this book but I feel like she was mentally unstable at the time she read it and therefore didn’t see the true amazing-ness of this book. 289 more words


Book Addiction

Do you like books? Do you collect books? Well, we have the same hobby! I like books, I love hearing people’s opinion through books, I like getting secondary experience, etc. 864 more words


The Duff By Kody Keplinger 

So I have literally just finished this book, and it was REALLY GOOD!!!

I was totally hooked on this book! I say this but it did take me quite a while to pick it back up again, as I’d forgotten how good it was!! 313 more words


Love for Books VS Love for Poetry

Books and Poetry, Poetry and Books. I don’t really see the difference because in books I find Poetry and in poetry I find Books. So really I don’t prefer one or the other. 243 more words

Books, Books, and more books

I dont know about you but I love a good book store. I could spend hours on end in there. My only issues is I could blow all of my money on books, but when I get home they just sit on my shelf. 224 more words

About Little Ol' Me

Looking for Alaska

The only thing worse than having a party that no one attends is having a party attended only by two vastly, deeply uninteresting people.

I wasn’t disappointed.

1,835 more words

The Fault in Our Stars

One of the symptoms of depression is disinterest in activities.

Boys do not have a monopoly on the Staring Business after all.

Pixie-haired gorgeous girl dislikes authority and can’t help but fall for a boy she knows is trouble.

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