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November 13, 1953: When Red, Red Robin Comes Bobbin' Along

In the early 50s, folks worked themselves up into a real dither searching for Bolsheviks here, there, wherever they may be hiding. There was a commie round every corner; any person you met might be a secret pinko, hoping to lead you down the slippery slope to socialism and the dreaded one world. 469 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Book Banning

Should book banning ever be acceptable? Well, in my opinion it should never be since it is violating the first amendment of human rights which deals with freedom of expression, and the right of every citizen to express their thoughts. 434 more words



The Biloxi, Mississippi Board of Education voted to remove To Kill A Mockingbird from their school district curriculum. The vice chair of the Biloxi Board of Education said they made that decision because reading the book made people uncomfortable and other books can give students the same message of empathy as… 481 more words

English Language Arts

Drop the Matches, Start the Conversation

Lawrence Hill’s essay Dear Sir, I Intend to Burn Your Book is both an interesting and informative read. He makes it clear in his essay why the Afro-Surinamese-Dutch man who sent him the email found the title of his novel… 1,091 more words

Chapter 4: Questioning the Media

Should parents be able to get books removed from school libraries or reading lists because they find ideas or language in them objectionable? What arguments can you make for or against this? 218 more words

Mass Communications In Modern Society

Poet Panic!!!

A review of Jerome Stueart’s “Why the Poets were Banned from the City” in The Angels of Our Better Beasts (ChiZine Publications, 2016)By Derek Newman-Stille… 529 more words

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"Lost Cause" Children's Literature: What Can We Do About It?

Author Pat Conroy, who passed away in 2016, wrote in his preface to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind that he absorbed “his first lessons in the authority of fiction” from the novel, which his mother read aloud to him when he was only five-years-old. 1,213 more words