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Trigger Warnings for School Reading Assignments?

This is a topic that hits close to my job right now. As a school librarian I am faced with issues of book challenges and out right banning. 249 more words


Book Banning and Censorship

What a hot topic right? This will sure to get me lots of views and followers!

Probably not, maybe a few angry comments. I really don’t like 99% of the posts I see about banning censorship, and the evils of book banning. 451 more words

Sexism Reflected in the Writer's Mirror

I read an article/blog two weeks ago about Sexism in Fantasy stories that has really bothered me. I left it pinned to the top of my Facebook feed, so I could re-read it a couple of times, while trying to figure out what was bothering me. 702 more words


Misc. Monday: On Book Banning

Normally my posts are fairly lighthearted, and the ones that aren’t are more personal posts where I talk about depression and anxiety. I’ve thought long and hard about whether even to hit “publish” on today’s post, but I think, as writers, it is an apt topic for us all to consider. 662 more words


Shades of Fahrenheit 451

A children’s illustrated book, “A Birthday Cake for George Washington” had the neat intention of sharing with American children a piece of their history, and perhaps at the same time show them how to bake a cake for people who are special in their lives. 232 more words


The Next Generation is Going to Be Fucking Insane

No matter what your parents insist upon, you’re likely to do the opposite. It’s nature, the unwritten rule of western society. Nuclear families of the 1940s and ‘50s spawned the drugged out, hippie fuckheads of the 1960s, and they gave way to the rebellious youth of the ‘70s and yuppie scum of the 1980s. 699 more words


Ban My Book - Part 2

In my ongoing attempt to extend an olive branch to the crazies I’d like to offer some very compelling reasons to ban my latest book… 303 more words