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When Everything Feels Like the Movies (My .02 cents)

I have a couple of days off from the bookstore, so instead of making observations about bibliophiles, I’m making observations about books. 


WHEN EVERYTHING FEELS LIKE THE MOVIES is inspired by the true story of an openly gay teenager in California who was shot to death in 2008 by a classmate he’d asked to a Valentine dance. 689 more words


Book Bandits: When Reading Literature Becomes Rebellious

Nothing irks me more than the concept of banning books. It is an ignorant exhibition of control, an instance of someone else exercising their moral beliefs over another. 1,093 more words


Does Fiction Matter?

In light of the amount of bad news that spews across the internet and lands like refuse in our soul, I often wonder if what I do really matters. 668 more words

Tethered World

Book Banning: The Joy of Censorship

There are certain groups of people who seem to love banning books and censoring thoughts and language. Among the most notorious are conservative Christians and… 915 more words

Social Commentary

Five on Friday

A weekly roundup of five of the most entertaining, but useful tips, tools and sources for historical research procured for your consumption and imagination

Arming our Soldiers with Books: The Propaganda of Ideas… 701 more words


Banning LGBT Children’s Books: What Does The U.S. Constitution Have to Say About That?

Soon after the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision in Obergefell, et al v. Hodges, which made it clear that our Constitution’s 14th Amendment guarantees marriage equality, … 482 more words


To read or not to read (because of censorship). That is the question.

This is a strange time to be literary.

I have an intrinsic desire to share all the amazing books I have read with absolutely everyone I know. 1,001 more words