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to keep up with demand

there were lines around the block

each time the bookstore got restocked

to keep up with demand

not what the banners planned
there was a lot of jiggling… 54 more words

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Michelle Edmisten Fights For Religious Illiteracy

During my high school senior year, my History instructor, Mr. S, would expand his lesson plans, each Friday, to include history in the making. He didn’t merely lecture us about current events… he actually inspired the entire class to participate in lively discussions. 672 more words


Don't Pull The Trigger

In our newly minted culture of political correctness, we now function in a society in which hypersensitivity and an over awareness of potentially offensive discourse threatens to turn down, or even off, the volume on our writing and dialogue. 854 more words

Book Banning

As an English major I have a slight bias to this since I love books, but that doesn’t make banning books any less wrong in my opinion. 326 more words


I usually love listening to the rain. I love the smell as the soil fills with water. I love the lush green of the the trees, grass and plants as they fill with this extra push of water. 359 more words

Book Banning: the Other Side?

As I was combing through headlines this week, I came across something curious. The following headline grabbed my attention: Portland School Board Bans Books that ‘Express Doubt’ On Climate Change… 642 more words