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Book Banning: the Other Side?

As I was combing through headlines this week, I came across something curious. The following headline grabbed my attention: Portland School Board Bans Books that ‘Express Doubt’ On Climate Change… 642 more words


Smoking in Children’s Books: Would a Rating System Help?

In Forsyth v. Motion Picture Association of America, et al., a plaintiff has waged an uphill battle against Hollywood to force films featuring tobacco imagery to receive nothing lower than a “Restricted” (R) rating, thereby reducing the exposure of children under 17 to these images.   928 more words


Trigger Warnings for School Reading Assignments?

This is a topic that hits close to my job right now. As a school librarian I am faced with issues of book challenges and out right banning. 249 more words


Book Banning and Censorship

What a hot topic right? This will sure to get me lots of views and followers!

Probably not, maybe a few angry comments. I really don’t like 99% of the posts I see about banning censorship, and the evils of book banning. 451 more words

Sexism Reflected in the Writer's Mirror

I read an article/blog two weeks ago about Sexism in Fantasy stories that has really bothered me. I left it pinned to the top of my Facebook feed, so I could re-read it a couple of times, while trying to figure out what was bothering me. 702 more words


Misc. Monday: On Book Banning

Normally my posts are fairly lighthearted, and the ones that aren’t are more personal posts where I talk about depression and anxiety. I’ve thought long and hard about whether even to hit “publish” on today’s post, but I think, as writers, it is an apt topic for us all to consider. 662 more words


Shades of Fahrenheit 451

A children’s illustrated book, “A Birthday Cake for George Washington” had the neat intention of sharing with American children a piece of their history, and perhaps at the same time show them how to bake a cake for people who are special in their lives. 232 more words