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Featured Books Friday!

Here we are again for Featured Books Friday! I was at the fabulous Storymakers conference last weekend, so I will try to get some of the attendees to post here. 254 more words

Viral Intent by Judith Lucci

This gem leapt at me from the screen as I was perusing the day’s offerings of free Kindle books. I startled the cat when I loudly exclaimed, “What the fuck is that?!” After clicking on the link, I discovered the cover graphic is likely some sort of virus. 111 more words

Book Blurbs

Blurb Blurb

She helped to save his life.

In return, he taught her how to live.

At the moment, that’s the “short blurb” I’ve come up with for  263 more words

From Christina

Tie Dye and Flannel by Rhavensfyre

This one, my lovelies, really needs no introduction or elaboration. It is truly what this site is all about. If there were a Craptastic Books award called “What the hell were you thinking?!” for cover art and blurb construction, this would be the grand winner. 213 more words

Book Blurbs

HIS Desire by Sheila Kell

Oh, it’s been too long my lovelies. Your mistress has been off on a long quest to find book covers worthy of a Craptastic Books mention. 340 more words

Book Blurbs

Going into the City: Portrait of the Critic as a Young Man by Robert Christgau

Book Blurbs is a series of quick-hitting reviews in which Matt Melis (@MistaMelis) and Henry Hauser dissect and critique music-related books fresh off the presses. 1,196 more words

CoS Exclusive Features

6 April 2015: Am I the only one???

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only writer who finds it harder to come up with a title and a book blurb than it is to write the book itself.  146 more words

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