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On the destruction of knowledge

In altering the message in order to adapt it to a new medium, I am drawing a connection. Twitter is one of the most powerful tools we as citizens have at our disposal to expose the corruption, hypocrisy, and hatred that characterizes our government. 405 more words


Friday Prayers for Egypt: Books, Hijabs


Too much should not be made of these markers, but they may reveal a mindset of some. Long on the defensive, Egypt’s non-Islamists feel empowered. 197 more words


Want to save the library? Burn books

This is an old case study but always a great reminder of the power of being creative in public relations. Take a look at the video below: 255 more words

Public Relations

Authoritative Answers, Questionable Acts, and Small-minded Men

“Ask Us Anything” is a regular feature of Popular Science Magazine written by Daniel Engber that might be offering more than it can deliver. Like a good reference librarian, Engber cites the sources of his answers to questions like “Can body fat protect you like a built-in cushion?” and “How big would a meteorite have to be to wipe out all human life?” The answer to the first is “yes and no”; fat provides some cushioning but it also entails greater body mass being flung about, according to Richard Kent of the University of Virginia Center for Applied Biomechanics. 615 more words


Reader's Corner: Eisenhower and Book-burning

Nobody associates Dwight Eisenhower with much of anything literary or particularly high-minded. After all, his presidency was typified by pragmatism and political small-ball more than grand oratory and lofty goals. 216 more words