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April Book Haul

The beginning of a new month are upon us, and I feel myself wondering where April went. Really, it just blew right past me. Then again, I felt the same way about March. 777 more words


Borges and Emerson and the cavern of dead men

More than is probably unhealthy for me, I find myself contemplating the life of my books after I am gone. Being dead I will not have to suffer over their future welfare as their one-time guardian, not that this is helpful in the here and now given my innate protectiveness. 678 more words


It would be rude not to, it is after all the Hay Festival

I’ve been making the annual pilgrimage to the Hay Festival in the border lands between England and Wales since its inception in 1988. If you’ve never visited you should; I regard it no less than this country’s Lourdes of Literature where one can be sure of a healing and miraculous and fun time. 634 more words

In the beginning was an obsession, and then it just got worse

I’m fairly certain there are many people, not unlike me, who are drawn to the all-consuming pursuit of paper and pulp that is bibliophilia. Many, in addition, as with me, become drawn to the writerly life (more of that later) as a direct consequence of avid reading and book collecting. 2,381 more words


On My Wishlist | 1


Today I’m here to share with you the first post of a new meme I’ll be hosting on Gemrene. I haven’t seen this particular one done by others so if it is already floating around in existence, you have my sincerest apologies. 152 more words


Fairly new books I want to read

Lately I have been reluctant to add more books to my already big reading pile. In the throes of a middle life crisis I have become painfuly aware that I have little chance to read all the books I want to read. 361 more words

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