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#Microblog Mondays 4 : The Therapy called Book Buying

I buy books…….children books……and I buy them all the time.

Bring my day to a low and I will cheer up myself by logging onto Amazon and buying books. 207 more words

Children Books

84 Charing Cross Road

What a nugget! A tiny little book. It’s less than a hundred pages, and yet it’s taken me forever to read – in part because I took my time, savoring every paragraph, and in part because I got halfway through and went back to the beginning and started it all over again.  786 more words


Obligatory Book Shelf Post

Here is a new book shelf I got over the weekend (the tall one, not the invisible one). My other tall book shelf, which is on the other side of the room, became so full that I needed more room. 103 more words


Book magnetism.

Among a bunch of books that we purchased a couple of days ago was a copy of The Captainship – Edited by Anya Gupta. The book was kept aside to be added to my seemingly never reducing to-be-read-currently-reading pile. 145 more words

Book Reading

maybe it's me, but...

I’ve recently bought several ebooks – well, more than several, but who’s counting – where this has happened.

Me: *looking, looking*  *cover! author! blurb! excerpt! buy! 123 more words


Happy Birthday To Me.... (or rather, an excuse for more books!)

Yes, more books have arrived and been loaded onto the shelves in the past two weeks. And since I do find it hard (believe me, I do) to justify this massive addition so soon after the even more… 459 more words

Diaries & Letters

On Unread Books

Guys…I have a problem. One that lurks in the darkness at the edges of my room. One that threatens to fill up all open space until I have to play that game where the ground is lava and I can only travel over the furniture just to get around. 343 more words