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Happy Birthday To Me.... (or rather, an excuse for more books!)

Yes, more books have arrived and been loaded onto the shelves in the past two weeks. And since I do find it hard (believe me, I do) to justify this massive addition so soon after the even more… 459 more words

Diaries & Letters

On Unread Books

Guys…I have a problem. One that lurks in the darkness at the edges of my room. One that threatens to fill up all open space until I have to play that game where the ground is lava and I can only travel over the furniture just to get around. 343 more words


Book Buying Tag!

This tag was created by this lovely youtuber, and it looked like fun, so I’ma do it.

1-Where do you buy your books from? 562 more words


A Book Buying Binge

Books are slowly taking over my apartment.

It’s not like this is a new problem. I’ve written about it before here. And probably here… 648 more words

Mulling over my options with Trollope - and fighting off the collecting urge!

Anthony Trollope has popped up on my reading radar so many times recently that I’m beginning to think that someone, somewhere is trying to tell me something! 416 more words

Pamela Hansford Johnson's The Philistines & The Book-Buying Habits of Bloggers

Book bloggers are an intense bunch.  Think of all that writing with no reward except to share our avidity for reading.

I was thinking about the act of book-blogging because it is  National Readathon Day, a pro-literacy event sponsored by The National Book Foundation, Penguin Random House, Goodreads, and Mashable… 420 more words

So What’s Wrong With It?

Last week’s post introduced you to the basics of condition grades that should be included in used book listings. In addition to condition grades, you will also want to be familiar with other terms that frequently appear in condition reports. 914 more words