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#TackleTBR Read-a-thon - Wrap-Up

Oh, it has been a wonderful 2 weeks reading books! Did I tackle my TBR? Yes, I did. Now I had initially decided on these books to read… 111 more words


Help Me! Book Tag

I keep seeing lots of youtubers do this tag so when my friend Janny challenge me I had to accept.

1. You have a test tommrow, but instead of studying you’ve been reading which fictional character do you call to help you cram for this test? 739 more words

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Taylor Swift Book Tag 

I saw this tag on a blog the person is called wwwbookwishblog.WordPress.com I’m always looking at her blog you’ll have to check her blog out this tag was first created by The Book Life she’s an amazing youtuber. 852 more words

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Tags I'm planning to do

1) The Taylor Swift Tag

2) Help Me ! Book Tag

3) Friends Book Tag

4) This or That Tag

5) The Pets Book Tag… 51 more words

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The Stationery Tag 

​I was tagged by KDREWKTHEBOOK for the stationary tag I want to thank her for being the first person to tag me I definitely recommend checking out her page she does the most amazing book reviews and other amazing bookish things I’m planning to but her on the blogs I check out on my next blog. 578 more words

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Book update:

Hey guys I thought I’d update what I’m reading luckily my college wifi YAY! Hopefully it stays working so I’ve been reading two books.

This is in my September tbr I’m currently not sure what to make of it I’m currently 66% in the book (just a warning it’s instant love) but its still ok ish I’m going to review this book. 198 more words

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#TackleTBR Read-a-thon - Goals & Updates

My favorite fortnight-long read-a-thon is back! The reasons I love it are because it is long enough to not be stressful and yet short enough to not make you lazy. 527 more words