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Everyone Has Potential, But Potential Doesn't Matter

Everyone has potential, but just because you have potential doesn’t mean that you’ll achieve it.

The problem with the idea of potential is that potential needs to be acted on. 109 more words


Summer Reading

It’s not a secret that I’m a massive book nerd, but summer and winter break seem to be the only times I can ever do any reading for myself. 483 more words

Social Justice Book Club: Just Mercy

Five weeks. That’s how long I’ve been reading this book. This is definitely the most powerful book I’ve read in 2016 so far, and I doubt anything else is going to come along in the next 7 months to topple that.  1,019 more words


Checking Out the Library

After a marathon of The Bible on Netflix last week as well as some of my more recent reads of historical fiction books featuring biblical females, I thought I would look to see what other books might be out there. 152 more words


Newest Discoveries

P.S I wrote this about 3 months ago and I never got around to posting it. Now I’m posting it. Never too late to talk about books. 746 more words

Does Happiness Come From Within?

Does happiness come from within?

Many people that you meet in life will answer ‘yes’ to this question.

Often times, these people will say things like “Just be happy” “Happiness is a choice” and “Happiness comes from within.” 745 more words


Inspiration anyone?

I’ve been in something of a slump lately. My last decent post was almost two months ago and my activity here has been minimal at best. 343 more words

Having A Moment