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Your guide to tradition

Designing instructions

In this project were asked to visit a specific museum and get inspired from the artifacts and create a new artifact that will include information design. 122 more words


Penguin books

Book covers

The aim of this project was to design the book covers of three different classic books of penguin. The challenge was that those books should work like a series despite their completely different content. 83 more words


Three Books

The Holy Terrors by Jean Cocteau. Translated from the French by Rosamond Lehman. Trade paperback by New Directions (ninth printing). Illustrations throughout by Cocteau. The cover design by David Ford adapts one of Cocteau’s original illustrations. 130 more words


If words then reading

Publishing | Typography

If words then reading is a book that has short stories from different writers on how reading changed their life. The layout of the book highlights the basic information of each story. 47 more words


Book Design - Judge Dee

covers (apparently censored with pen) for the Judge Dee mysteries, from Scribner’s Crime Classics line


I didn’t go into the workshop yesterday. Instead, I watched the rain come down and I baked, decorated my room and moved furniture. I didn’t think about the workshop… It is always fine. 292 more words