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For a first time author, receiving the real live printed proof of  the interior of your first book is an exciting event.  First it is concrete evidence that you really have a book, and secondly it is another step closer to it being published. 270 more words


Publication and Sequel

Now that we are several months out from when we first read The Familiar, more information is available about its sequel and the final design of the book. 352 more words

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The Subversion of the Human-Animal Hierarchy in The Familiar and Disgrace

In Danielewski’s The Familiar and Coetze’s Disgrace, we see the subversion of the animal-human relationship play out through the experiences of central characters. Both David Lurie and Astair, whether they openly admit it or not, can be seen as perpetuating this sort of rigid order through their assumptions of what an animal is and is not. 632 more words

Book Design

Does Danielewski draw, write, or both at the same time to bend our minds?

“Signiconic = sign + icon. Rather than engage those textual faculties of the mind remediating the pictorial or those visual faculties remediating language, the signiconic simultaneously engages both in order to lessen the significance of both, and therefore achieve a third perception no longer dependent on sign and image for remediating a world in which the mind plays no part.” 95 more words

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Cover Reveal - Partially Volunteered Time For Cover Design

The images below are the concept covers that were created according to the authors vision and some according to my vision. As you can see, for a project in which I didn’t receive my usual fee, the work was three times as much as what is typical. 135 more words


Self-Publishing & Merchandising : A Book's Interior Design

When we speak of books, we mostly speak of them as one of two things: an object, made up of surfaces and contours and textures, or as a vehicle for ideas.   1,571 more words


30 Writing Tips

A friend just sent me an e-mail
asking for writing tips. Her question is a common one — I get this question
every month from one of my doctoral students, one of my former students, or… 5,602 more words

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