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Book Cover Design: task 2

University of Bolton | BA (Hons) Graphic Design | Year One | Semester 2
Module GRD4001 Principles of Design 2015/16

Task 2: Book Design – Penguin Random House Company… 247 more words


New cover art!

Well it has finally happened – although months later than I hoped, I’ve had a busy year. I have finally updated the cover art for the Nameless War. 18 more words


Your Helpful, Reasonable & Passionate Book Designer is Here!

Do you need help designing the cover of your next book? Do you have an idea in your head but want a hand pulling it all together? 455 more words


ART 53, Pulitzer edition, part 5

This Is Fifty-three, Pulitzer edition, part 5

With my replacement copies yet to arrive as of today, and no indication that they might be arriving tomorrow, I decided to tell Mercury retrograde to go screw itself, and mailed the copies I have to the Pulitzer folks. 29 more words


ART 53, Pulitzer edition, part 4

This Is Fifty-three, Pulitzer edition, part 4

Of course the replacement copies haven’t reached me yet.

The UPS tracking information suggests that they have yet to be shipped…

(21 September 2016)


The Book Beautiful: The Back Cover

It’s More Than a Graveyard for Details

A potential reader has your book in their hands, they look at the front illustration, they flip through and subconsciously note how the book it formatted, and then they turn the book around to read the back cover. 561 more words

Book Marketing: How the Cover of Your Self-published Book Influences Your Brand as an Indie Author

ALLi Partner Member Aimee Coveney provides a useful overview of the impact of a self-published book’s cover not only on its sales success but also on an important long-term consideration: the establishment and promotion of your brand as an indie author. 813 more words