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'But editing,' she hissed.

Last month I reported I’d finished the first draft of my new novel, working title In the Land Newly Risen from the Sea, and was letting it ferment for a week or so before cracking on with editing it. 561 more words

Creative Writing

Persistence, Patience and Inner Power!

Writing is the love of my life.

I have to confess, writing itself, brings me inner peace, such happiness, joy, and contentment, that I do not experience from anything else I regularly do. 301 more words


Fiction Editing Rates: How Freelance Editors Price Their Projects

How much should you be paying a freelance editor for their work?

You can imagine the scenario. You’re sitting across the table from the person who could be your creative companion for the next few months. 678 more words

Industry Insights

Pay Now, or Pay Later

I’ve been editing a chapter this week about a year when our son’s behavior was really spinning out of control.  Violent behavior, police interactions, juvenile detention, med changes, doctor changes  – and he was only nine.   318 more words

Childhood Mental Health

Editors and Their Importance

You are well on your way to completing the first draft of your manuscript. You may even have it completed. Now, you ask yourself, “Do I really need an editor? 256 more words


Should I Edit My Own Book? Six Myths About Self-Editing

You’ve finished your manuscript and you’re wondering: “Now what?”

How long to wait before diving back in with a red pen — a day, a week, or a month? 2,743 more words

Industry Insights

When You Need a Book Coach

I’m grateful to National Speakers Association-Michigan for allowing me to introduce my book coaching and editing services at the May membership meeting.

I talked about how I became a book coach, writing for self-discovery, and how I saw writing transform the lives of my students. 59 more words