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Book Excerpt Sweet Tales

Excerpt – The Mission

As the cats waited patiently for their treats, Brittany leaned over to her sister and whispered, “Lace, I have to go out to the woodshed later and meet Nathanial, Henry, and a coyote named Eva. 735 more words

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Book Excerpt The Agartes Epilogues

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“I am Agartes Allaicras. I do not let minor details escape me. I saw the rest of them, didn’t I? She called me, spoke to me. 1,132 more words


Book Excerpt K My Name is Kendra

Book Excerpt

I Want to Go Back

I remember the exact day I fell in love with Double Dutch. I was about seven years old, and me, Nita, and some of the girls we used to hang out with had just come back from this multicultural summer festival being held at the city park on the other side of town. 656 more words

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Book Excerpt The Visitor

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The more Tak learned about Earthlings, the more she questioned the mission

“Now, the girls,” Baron said, carving out the palate from inside the head of the sheep and passing it to them. 855 more words

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Genesis 11

(An Excerpt from Portraits of Christ (from the Epistle to the Hebrews), a Bible Study by Connie Cook)

After the flood of Noah’s day, the next big event in the history of the world as told by Genesis is a happening called “the tower of Babel.”  We’ll need to touch down on this story before we can land on Abraham’s because the story of the tower of Babel sets the stage for the story of the beginning of the nation of Israel (which story was the story of Abraham’s life).  2,506 more words

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The Carpenter and the Cradle: an Introduction

(An Excerpt from The Carpenter and the Cradle, a Bible Study by Connie Cook)

(From Exodus 25-30: the building of the tabernacle and Matthew 6:9-13: the Lord’s Prayer… 793 more words

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