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"Watch RWISA Write Showcase Tour" -- Day 21

Your Wildest Dreams

by Marcha Fox

I inhaled sharply when I recognized the introductory riff wafting from my favorite 80s station as Your Wildest Dreams… 1,758 more words

"Watch RWISA Write Showcase" -- Day 17

The characters in the following story are from my novel, Shadow of the Drill. After a moderately grueling assignment, they take a day off to enjoy a Sunday barbecue. 1,546 more words

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Book Excerpt Scent of the Past

About the Book

Title: Scent of the Past

Author: Erin Marie Bernardo

Genre: Historical Fiction

Scent of the Past by Erin Marie Bernardo
A secret diary. 345 more words

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WATCH "RWISA" WRITE Showcase Tour - Day 6


by Wendy Scott

Luke’s body whirled through the portal in a kaleidoscope of starlight and rainbows. Burnt ozone stung his nostrils, and his stomach roiled as if live dragonflies flitted inside. 1,152 more words

Book Excerpt Trolling

Book Excerpt

“I like that sound. What do I do to hear it again?”
Her giggle died on her lips. No one had ever asked her something like that. 745 more words


Book Excerpt Your Crossroads. Your Choice.

Book Excerpt

1.    As you are sitting with your feelings, seeing how my words make you react, try and do it without judgement or immediately attempting to fix or change whatever you may be feeling. 674 more words

Book Excerpts

Book Excerpt The Unexpected

Book Excerpt

    I was trying to walk towards this interesting object that I saw that was very odd and intriguing. But the principal had told us to stand still and listen to his speech about the school.   320 more words

Book Excerpts