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Book Tours: Excerpt from Mercy Row Retribution

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Gerry picked up the internal mic and said, “Tripp, Jim, we’re trying to make it to Tan Chau and land in the Mekong. I’m ordering you to say a prayer to your God. 891 more words

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Book Excerpt The Daughter of Ravenswood

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Jason stared into the distance.

I eased my face into a smile. “I can help. It’s not easy to deal with the undead.” 1,026 more words


Book Excerpt Chasing Eva

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Title: Chasing Eva

Author: Camellia Hart

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author Camellia Hart’s debut contemporary romance novel about a man and a woman whose lives are about to get sizzling hot… 254 more words

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Book Tours: The Productivity Book


Quote Jon Petz:


In what ways has your perception of time changed as you’ve grown older? As performers or speakers we have curtains that open for a small window of time. 423 more words

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Book Excerpt Beastly Manor

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Corbin felt the Beast’s approach, heavy footsteps like a pulse deep in the stone heart of the manor. He whirled, Da’s sword raised in defense. 740 more words

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Book Excerpt Her Trusted Highlander

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Teeth chattering and hands like blocks of ice, Katriona managed to squeeze out from between locked jaws, “Can we stop, please?”

They had just arrived at a small icy creek.  1,662 more words

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Book Excerpt To Rome With Love

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“I have a surprise for you.”

Gaby’s eyebrows slammed together at her best friend Maria’s words. She didn’t like surprises. Maybe because she’d had so many of them, lately. 1,055 more words

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