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Taking Control Of Our Mind

I have seen many people including myself being irritated by the tapping sound coming from the kitchen or toilet. Indeed it’s one of the most irritating sound in the world and it sucks the peace out of us, and we get a comfortable good night sleep only after taking care of it.¬† 185 more words

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Book Review: Life by Keith Richards

I have a confession to make, I didn’t know anything about Keith Richards before reading this book, and I am not proud of this but, it’s the truth. 521 more words

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Know Your Career Type: Are You a Pioneer, a Thinker, a Defender, or a Drifter?

“You are what you settle for.” -Janis Joplin

I’m on day two of my unemployment odyssey, having left my full time job with no idea what I’m going to do next.

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Learning From My Failure

We always have something to do in the pipeline, and then we finally start doing it. But for some apparent reason we could not continue. 190 more words

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Being Critical of Ourselves

If you are able to get to this post and you are reading it on your mobile phone then you have more information available than the last king of France. 299 more words

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Why Loyalty is Important

We live in the world where everybody is gunning for cheap and best and loyalty is rarely seen.

We are accustomed to compare the price and choose whoever is having the cheapest deal. 167 more words

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Why We Should Persevere

Starting something is easy, we often start something which we could not finish, I have seen many people in the gym just for one day, and have never seen them again. 215 more words

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