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What can I Do to make my team better 

Good leaders are like good coaches. They know how to bring out the best of the team. Great leaders makes the team work better together! … 19 more words

World Is A Classroom

The First Principles

When Elon Musk  and his team were trying to estimate how much the first SpaceX rockets would cost, they could have just looked at the products on the market. 277 more words

World Is A Classroom

Tribes - A sumarry of a great leadership book

Tribes is an extremely short an easy read. It seems Seth Godin has become the master of these tiny books that pack a big punch. The book is about being a leader and the words inspire you to do just that. 1,552 more words

Self Improvement

Ernest Hemingway on writing

This short book takes excerpts from Hemingway’s works that give his thoughts on writing. Its a fantastic collection of short pieces of advice and I am very thankful to Larry W Phillips for putting it together. 1,090 more words

Book Learning

History of words gets visualized in Minna Sundberg's lovely arboreal chart.

Check out this amazing illustration, which shows the growth and spread of “Old World” in a properly old school-lookin’ linguistic family tree. Stunning, isn’t it? 124 more words


No More Book-Learning for Me

This one’s just a very quick post to finalise my progress on my postgraduate studies.  Which is to say:


Book Learning

Bitter Roots

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. — Aristotle

You know what they say about too much of a good thing. My problem is not which…

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