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I cannot travel anymore - books for short trips

‘I cannot travel anymore’ would be the next book to read. I would read it within a day or two: as long as a short trip for work usually lasts, or equal to the free time saved for reading when away for longer (work/duty) trips. 682 more words

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How to Use Goodreads

Goodreads is the best method I’ve found to keep track of my reading. This site can also help you discover new books to read. There’ll always be a few naysayers for any online program, and yes, sometimes a few bad apples spoil the fun, but overall I feel Goodreads (ages 13 & up) is the most user-friendly way to log books whether you’re an avid reader or an author yourself (or both!). 956 more words

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My High-Tech Book Log of 2009

Yes, I am of a certain group of people who know how to use the Internet….enough.  I know how to find what I want on Google, and order books on Amazon (of course). 606 more words

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Book log - Hugo 2017 short stories

My brief thoughts on this year’s Hugo Award short story nominees are posted at the alter ego’s blogs on Dreamwidth and WordPress.

Book log - Hugo 2017 short stories

I wrote some notes as I went along with the Hugo short story nominees, which I then failed to post soon enough to be of any help to anyone else. 782 more words

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Two Summers, Final Thoughts

So no spoilers here other than “the secret” in the book I was correct in my assumptions as to what it was. Hehehe.

One of the lines in the book caught my eye. 439 more words

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Book log September 2016

I’m busy tidying up the notebooks I use to write on the bus, and came across my book log notes for the books I read in September last year. 342 more words

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