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Make the used book store your bitch (a shopping guide)

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am addicted to buying books. Do I need more books? Yes! Well… I mean who doesn’t always needs more books? 1,309 more words


On "On Stranger Tides"

Note: The post is about the novel by Tim Powers, not the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which I have not seen, though supposedly that film is loosely based on this novel. 402 more words

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Summer Projects

So, maybe it’s not quite summer yet, but with school over and work season already started, it feels like summer to me. Also, the warm weather and sunshine helps confuse the fact that it’s actually still spring. 415 more words


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who (Travel)

Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who (Travel)

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is about finding ten books whose protagonists have something in common. Of course, because my entire reading life revolves around travel literature at this point, my mind went instantly to that place, but I didn’t want to fill my list with non-fiction narratives, so tried to expand and include some of my favorite “travel” books of all time. 645 more words


Happy Book Birthday to...Toni Aleo!

Toni Aleo has just released the 2nd book in her Bellevue Bullies series, Clipped by Love! After reading book one, Boarded by Love, I was completely hooked on hockey romances and especially ones written by a die hard hockey fan like Toni Aleo.  45 more words

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I couldn't stop The Girl on the Train

Okay, truth be told, this was total book crack. So addicting I could hardly bear to put it down– and THAT, my friends, doesn’t happen often. 424 more words

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Happy Book Birthday to...S.E. Hall!

S.E. Hall has just released the 2nd book in her Finally Found series, Pretty Remedy! I absolutely fell head first in love with book one,  49 more words

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