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Does Being in Awe of God Reduce Sin?

The children of Israel are afraid to listen to God. They did not want God to speak to them directly. They asked Moses to tell them whatever God wanted them to hear. 288 more words

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Honoring Our Parents - You Have a Chance This Father's Day

We are told in the fifth commandment (fourth by Catholics) to honor our father and our mother. We are also told a reward for doing so – our days will be lengthened upon the land which God gave to the children of Israel. 274 more words

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Is Moses Naive to Trust the Children of Israel?

Moses told the children of Israel to stay away from the mountain and then he climbed up to be with God. Once he was up on Mount Sinai, God told him to go down and to tell the people to stay away from the mountain so that they would not die. 349 more words

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1 Samuel 8:4-20 & 11:14-15

This weeks story gives us some interesting insight into the beginning of the monarchical or kingship era of Israel’s history. Israel has a very interesting history because from the time that Moses brought them out of Egypt and their society really began to form they didn’t have kings. 1,685 more words

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Unity and Obedience From the Children of Israel

After God told the children of Israel that they should listen to His voice and follow His covenant they responded that they would do whatever God asked of them.  349 more words

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Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria Osteen – What’s in Your Hand?


“Then the LORD said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’…”
Exodus 4:2, NIV


Do you ever feel inadequate for what you are called to do? 214 more words