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Phillip Medhurst's Bible in pictures 023 Israelites making bricks in Egypt

By William Brassey Hole (1846-1917) from “Old Testament History” (Eyre and Spottiswoode 1925). Location of painting unknown.



The chemistry between Destiny and Raffe wrote itself from the moment they introduced themselves. Getting a chance to explore these two dynamic characters has been an absolute blast. 173 more words


As I get God Remains, third book in the series, ready for publication, I thought I’d revisit the wonderful world of the renegade Ethiopian priest that is Father Josephus. 265 more words


The third book in my Ethiopian Chronicles has been a challenge, to say the least, but the relationship between Destiny and Raffe makes it worth it. 143 more words

Bride of the Beast by Toni V. Sweeney

I’d never written anything even remotely biblical before, so when I started on Bride of the Beast, I was surprised at the turns it took. 623 more words


Both men winced when she snapped. Gabriel tried to smile at her. “Jazz, Raffe’s family are the descendants of the man who housed the Ark for King David. 132 more words


“The Ark had definite opinions on when the Israelites did things, where they went, and what they did. There was a cloud of fire that would cover the tent where the Ark resided. 181 more words