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The Children of Israel are Told Not to Cause Pain to Widows and Orphans

The children of Israel are told by God that they are not to cause pain to widows or orphans.


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How Much Compensation Is Fair?

God gives laws to the children of Israel. These laws include how much compensation is to be given for an animal eating from a neighbor’s field or vineyard… 366 more words

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Does God Need a Nap?

This post is part 4 in a series of reviews of John H. Walton’s Lost World of Adam and Ev(pt. 1, … 799 more words


The Virtue of Humility: The Nature of Moses and Jeremiah

As mentioned in the post of “Parashat Shemot” (the first weekly Torah portion of the Book of Exodus) has in fact two “Haftarot” (weekly
prophets/scriptures). Yesterday we discussed the one from Isaiah and today we will discuss the “Haftarah” portion from Jeremiah and its… 331 more words

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