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The Giver nails it...

Spent the day looking at this whole thing and it is fantastic.  Also it nails the problem. SAMENESS.  That is what we are seeing in the EMO HEART images.  171 more words


Ecopsychology -- Depth Psychology -- research notes -- how to work with images!

One of the things that has concerned me very much about the EMO HEART is how dark that looks.  But?  I have seen something recently on their crayolas in the web.  498 more words


Valentine Bonnaire! (on Valentines, propre)...

I love Valentine’s Day, for one thing.  I have had good ones and bad ones, like most people.

The best ones are where you are really in love, or you get a secret valentine. 499 more words


tincture rubix philosophorom nous et antinous pax parfait cette trine entre nous

rex regina lux tincture verte


philosophorum lapis

une vie tellement en rose pour toujours

pour les trois


elixer rubix philosophorum anima mundi materia medica -- tx planner notes

NOTES REALITY TESTING post WW2 — “splintered self”  “basket case”  “semnatics” “genogram”


tracing internal self object relations “bad or no mothering”  “good or bad feeds”  “reality testing” 442 more words