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Day 54

54) February 23: Leviticus 20-22

Today’s passages did a quick recap of the rules that God wanted the Israelites to follow. The biggest difference I noticed was this time God emphasized what the punishments for these indiscretions should be…death. 283 more words


Days 52 and 53

52) February 21: Leviticus 14:33-16:34

Today’s passages were more instructions on how to deal with contaminated houses and becoming clean from various bodily discharges and what Aaron needed to do on the day of atonement to prepare to be in the presence of God. 393 more words


Day 51

51) February: Leviticus 12:1-14:33

Today’s passages focus on purification processes for mother’s after childbirth, people with contentious skin diseases, mildew contaminated clothing and the cleansing process after a skin disease has healed. 111 more words


Days 48-50

Day 48) February 17: Leviticus 4-6

Day 49) February 18: Leviticus 7-8

Day 50) February 19: Leviticus 9-11

These three days continued on the very detailed instructions and follow through regarding making sacrificing, anointing the alter and Aaron and his sons. 543 more words


Day 47

47) February 16: Numbers 8:1-9:14, Leviticus 1-3

Today’s passages continue with the instructions for the offerings (burnt, grain and peace) and the second Passover–and every Passover from this point forward. 311 more words


On Jesus' Sinlessness

There is a complete absence of tendentious reporting of Jesus’ sinlessness.  Mainly, the matter is simply assumed.  His mother observed the Mosaic rite for purification of herself, but not for her Son; He went frequently to the temple but never, we may assume, offered sacrifice for sins (as sin and trespass offerings of Leviticus 5-7).  78 more words

Jesus Christ