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Short story: A promise of Love in Death

To sleep no more

“If I die, I won’t blame you, I promise,” Amelia said earnestly.

Dipender flinched and he stared at her for a long moment before walking over to her and kneeling down so they were eye-level. 294 more words


Chapter 5

I was thought to be kind
to kiss my mama goodnight
and you thought me to be wild
to leave my room through the window at night. 137 more words


Chapter 4

getting used to your words
was even easier than making me smile
as I was melting in your hands
you were busy filling them with her… 10 more words


Chapter 3

you were there again
in my dreams
proving that I can’t live
without your touch
so when I woke up
I was ready to do whatever… 22 more words

Book Of Love

Chapter 2

I found out that I like your smile
and somehow you decided
to keep smiling at her
and that made me fall
even more…


Chapter 1

you walked in and said
that I had a beautiful name
and somehow I forgot to ask
if your words meant something real
or they were just another empty courtesy


Official Video - Book of Love

A while back I posted a video of me singing the song Book of Love by Gavin James. Time flew by and now I am finally sharing with you the official video made of that live performance. 21 more words