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The Table

 – – I have been obsessively thinking about hospitality lately, which is part of the reason why I chose to focus on it for our women’s retreat.   3,526 more words

Poetry of Love

Juan Miguel Severo is known for his spoken word poetry. He appeared in a Filipino hit television series OTWOL (On the Wings of Love) where he portrayed Rico, who also do spoken-word poetry in a bar. 389 more words

The Book of Love - Part 3

–I just can’t stop thinking of the question, “What story do I live out of?”  In all the areas of my life.  In my exhausted parts, in my broken-hearted parts, in my confused parts, in my angry parts, in my terrified parts.   1,895 more words

Peter Gabriel

I love Peter Gabriel.  Most of his songs carry strong messages, often of a political or social nature. He also has some of the most beautiful love songs I’ve ever heard. 18 more words


The Book Of Love

–Here is a bit more of my BIG PROJECT.  I had earlier published the first bit of this, which I include here as well.  I am constantly asking myself this question lately, so this is some attempt to put my broken, hurting heart into the answer.   1,942 more words

song of the day - “Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes)” | BOOK OF LOVE | 1986 / 1987.

A few years ago, at my second home of WMPG Community Radio in Portland, Maine, I was the featured guest on a show hosted by my friend, Jeff, which aired back then, called “Desert Island Discs.”  It was the WMPG equivalent of a show inspired by a BBC program of the same name that began in 1942, created by a man named Roy Plomley, and which has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 since the year I was born, 1967. 689 more words



He was no John Clark, who took to ball room dancing to express himself. She however, was the Paulina he’d been looking for. His Paulina! 363 more words

Short Stories