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Cleansing: Important for Your Spell Work and Aura

In my husband’s post here, he talks about how cleansing is good for your spells, and setting up your ritual space, but there is more to it. 325 more words


Deities: The Calling, The Brain Itch, and The Truth

Like my husband said in his post here, knowing about being called by a deity is very important in the theory and practice of Magik. 333 more words


Portable Altar

So… If you read my previous blog entry, you probably remember the fact that I’ve been working on a portable altar.

By now, I have most of what I am taking with me. 130 more words

New Moon Ritual

. Cast circle and call quarters

. I will invoke the goddess (Athena)

“I call to you Goddess Athena. She who is the light of ages, the gift of awakening, the plan for those who lead, the guide for those who seek, the muse for those who create, the comfort for those who morn, the courage for those who despair, the inspiration for those who bring peace, the shield for those who take a stand, the vision for those who must know, and the mentor for those who would be wise.

347 more words

Book of Shadows.

Do any of you keep a Book of Shadows, or any kind of spiritual journal?

For a while now, I have kept journals detailing my rituals, journeys, dreams and spiritual thoughts and experiences in general. 686 more words

Why Write a Book For Free?

I’ve done free promotions, before, through KDP.  But this is the first time I’ll be giving a book away, in its entirety.  Possibly forever.  Because although I absolutely do plan to release… 851 more words


Book of Shadows on WATTPAD!

For the first time, I’m releasing an entire book in serialized parts and for free.  On Wattpad.  Hooray!  The book is Book of Shadows.  Follow it, and me, … 45 more words