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A Night of Prayer

A couple of nights ago I was browsing through my book collection when I found something I haven’t opened in a long time: my pagan prayer book. 601 more words


Memory of the Shadows

Yesterday I was flipping through an old Book of Shadows I found, it contained my thoughts and writings from 15 years ago, my first book – … 169 more words


Keeping Magickal Records

Here’s a nice article on how to help you learn to keep a journal, grimoire, book of shadows & light, and the like. We all fall into bad habits and/or limit our experiences though fear (& dumb fears like “I don’t want to mess up this nice journal with my ugly handwriting” – etc.), but that shouldn’t keep us from trying to record our experiences and succeses. 7 more words


How To Become A Witch (Outline)

Hi Everyone!

Ok, so “How to Become A Witch” may be a title with a tinge of arrogance where other witches are concerned. But I aim to make this post in plain, simple English so that everyone can understand it. 759 more words


Continuing My Book of Shadows

Hello brothers and sisters!

It has been too long since I have last posted, life has been super busy and unexpected these last few months! I will try my best to catch you all up within one post! 324 more words


Nature Tools for Rituals

Merry meet all,

 On Sunday I am going to the play with my friends, the Addams Family play. I can’t wait and I plan to be dressed very goth for the occasion too. 659 more words

Paranormal And Pagan Fiction

Hard Learned Lessons from the Circle

-As much as I love working with herbs, the best-working ones (say, for banishment) have the stench of DEATH!  Namely, valerian root and asafoetida!
-Warding is best done MONTHLY, not yearly! 346 more words

Book Of Shadows