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Inspired By ... Book of Shadows (Zakk Wylde)

Inspiration is a funny thing. It can strike at any time and in ways you might never have imagined. The wonderful thing about any kind of art, to me, is its ability to connect with and deeply move you. 235 more words


Magical Writing - The first art any magic user must learn to master is write thier own magic - GothWitch

You Are Magickal Energy. See it, feel it, and know this truth.
Magickal Writing.. by the Gothwitch.co.uk Excellent work.
Brightest Blessings,
SunRay Sorceress

From My Heart To Yours

Book of Shadows, part 3

I am still writing my Book of Shadows,  but staying with the three-ring binder method.  The scrapbook method looks nice,  but in order to move pages around,  the back cover has to be removed,  other pages pulled out to insert others,  etc.   86 more words

Grimoire #01: 'Bout my craft

Personally, I find this topic very interesting. First of all, I tag myself as an eclectic.
But what is witchcraft?
As I said in my first article, witchcraft is a lifestyle. 394 more words

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