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Cauldron Bubble: 7 best books featuring wisewomen, witches and woad

Fragrant bunches of rosemary and thyme, hung to dry from the beams of a thatched monastery workshop. An old village healer, stirring mandrake into a simmering potion as her lovestruck client looks anxiously on. 481 more words

Book Of Shadows

The Fool's Journey (0)

I’ve heard it said that the Major Arcana can be seen a story, where the Fool begins an adventure and each card thereafter is an event and/or lesson. 155 more words

Book Of Shadows

HRD Radio Report - Week Ending 7/16/16


The HRD Radio Report showcases the weekly Active Rock Mediabase Charts (compiled by AllAccess.com), and appears every Tuesday on HardRockDaddy.com. The HRD Radio Report digs deeper into the weekly Active Rock charts, providing commentary, reviews, recommendations and predictions. 1,135 more words

Songs Played On Octane

Element of Earth

I ground myself in the Earth below me. Growing roots deeper into her allows me to then reach for the stars and heavens. With this grounding, I become one with my planet and the life here and I feel at one with the Universal powers around me. 312 more words


My Book of Shadows

I’m an artsy type, always have been and always will be. I love drawing, clothes, makeup, finding new ways to do my scarves, writing–you name it. 147 more words


Why and What to Keep in a Book of Shadows

A grimoire, which is French for “book of shadows,” is very similar to a type of journal kept by a witch or someone who practices the Craft.   2,303 more words


How to Recite The Charge of the Goddess

This is my daily prayer.  I love this version of Doreen Valiante’s ‘Charge of the Goddess’ which has been slightly adapted and revised, read in this video by Phyllis Curott, Wiccan priestess and founder of The Tradition of Ara. 572 more words