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Book of Shadows

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The Book of Shadows has been the companion of the witch for a long time. I hear witches talking about the Book of Shadows like it was either a journal, sacred text, and/or tool for the witch. 593 more words

Book Of Shadows

February New Moon Ritual

.Cleanse ritual space with sage

. Cast Circle

. Call Quarters

“We gather on the sacred night of the lady, beneath the new moon. We gather to honor her symbol which she has placed among the stars. 515 more words

Feeling Connection

Lately, I have realized how happy I am with my personal practice.

I used to scour the internet and books for a routine. I also relentlessly asked my spiritual friends, yogis and mentors what I “should be doing” to connect to my inner-most Self. 385 more words

Mundane Magic

Book of Shadows: Series Update

As of tonight, I’m over one third of the way through Prince of Darkness; and writing as performance art continues to be a strange thing.   181 more words

The Creative Process


“Even under the stillness of winter’s heavy blanket, there are signs of new life all around us. When ice gives way to early spring we witness a magnificent time of rebirth, inspiration, and possibility.” – Unknown…

560 more words

5 Ways to use Snow Magick

Hey everyone!

So, for all of us poor souls in Maryland, it is Snowmeggedon. My car, my mailbox, and my fence are literally covered by snow. 910 more words

Why Sequels Suck

What should happen in the first book is pretty obvious.  You start from zero, build a world that people care about.  Characters they care about.  And if they care about those characters enough, guess what: you get to write a sequel.   591 more words