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Seeker By Cate Tiernan

Sweep 10 – Seeker By Cate Tiernan

The story follows Hunter on his trip. While there Hunter finds his father in a compromising situation. Hunter is forced to remove his father from temptation or turn him in to the Council. 79 more words


Strife By Cate Tiernan

Sweep 9 – Strife By Cate Tiernan

The members of Morgan’s coven are put in danger when someone’s powers start going haywire. Since Morgan is the one that’s their every time in occurs people start to think it’s her. 95 more words


Changeling By Cate Tiernan

Sweep 8 – Changeling By Cate Tiernan

Ciaran shows up in town bringing Morgan’s half-brother Killian with him. At the request of the International Council of Witches, Morgan spends more time with them in order to find out there next move. 89 more words


The Calling By Cate Tiernan

Sweep 7 – The Calling By Cate Tiernan

Morgan has been having a reoccurring dream. The Council sends Hunter to New York city to investigate those dreams. 112 more words


Spellbound By Cate Tiernan

Sweep 6 – Spellbound By Cate Tiernan

Hunter and Morgan’s lives are being put in danger because of brake lines and support posts being sabotaged. When Cal reappears , Morgan has to use her powers to keep him and Hunter from killing each other. 92 more words


Awakening By Cate Tiernan

Sweep 5 – Awakening By Cate Tiernan

In the wake of Cal’s attempted murder of Morgan as well as Selene and her coven’s mass excites, Hunter and Morgan come together to investigate their were about. 102 more words


Dark Magick By Cate Tiernan

Sweep 4 – Dark Magick By Cate Tiernan

Because of Cal’s actions against her during the fight with Hunter, Morgan starts to question her relationship with Cal. 104 more words