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Trash - by Andy Mulligan (reviewed by Naima)

Trash is an adventure thriller novella that surrounds three Orphans known as Rat (Jun-Jun),      Raphael and Gardo who seek to avenge the wrongful death of a man who served the Prime Minister of the Philippines. 282 more words

Book of the month: Sema Kaygusuz

Short story collections have traditionally been a hard sell in the UK. Unlike publishers in the US – where short pieces have long been a key part of the literary culture – companies in the British book industry have tended to focus almost exclusively on novels, with only well-known writers getting deals to release assortments of shorter works. 602 more words


Books I Have Read This Week & Why I Love Bengali Tintin More

I am having a very productive week book-reading wise. And I have very mixed feelings about the books. Let us get a look about the first two books I have read this week, shall we? 277 more words


Book of the Month - The Cherry Harvest

I’m a huge believer that things happen for a reason. Call it fate or call it serendipity, I’ve stumbled upon some of my greatest reads because of people I’ve met or just really great timing in a bookshop. 413 more words

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Book of the Month- Jackie Collins: The Santangelos

I didn’t realize that I would finish this book in 3 days.  I started on Sunday evening, because I finished Lucky (book of the month of… 301 more words


The Missing by Shiloh Walker

I recently read this while I was taking care of my mom for the past month and I loved it! Shiloh Walker drew me in from the first page. 342 more words

Book Of The Month

Book of the Month - An Accidental Athlete

As I sit at the dinning room table in front of my computer waiting for my Potato and Leek Soup to cool down, recipe from the Runner’s World Cookbook, and sipping iced green tea, Moroccan Mint, I’ve decided to add a feature to this blog. 675 more words