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Book Review: The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe

This is the first book in “the Book of the New Sun” series, and honestly one of the best books I have ever read. I said this about… 349 more words


Review of 'Age of Assassins' by RJ Barker

‘Age of Assassins’ is a cleverly-rendered fantasy that subtly blends genres to create a unique voice and world. Ostensibly epic, it actually takes place in a single castle, and deals with matters of state, so is technically high fantasy as well, although the protagonist narrator, Girton, is a low-born assassin so enigmatic even he doesn’t know who he is. 509 more words

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Discussing Gene Wolfe's The Sword of the Lictor - Book of the New Sun #3

Out of context, this printing of The Sword of the Lictor looks somewhat awful.  The cover art is embarrassingly terrible, and the font size of the print is just small enough that it was hard for me to read.   1,887 more words


Jon's Author Diary - 007 - November 19, 2017


This week, Jon made slow progress on his part of the collaborative Black Death series and enjoyed revisiting Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer. 69 more words


BotNS on Alzabo Soup

If you haven’t yet heard, the guys at Alzabo Soup are pointing the attention of their podcast at Gene Wolfe’s The Book of The New Sun… 46 more words

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The Book of the New Sun: The Citadel of the Autarch

Novel * Gene Wolfe * Is Any of This, Like, Even Real, Man? * 1982


With every additional entry in this series, I feel less and less confident in my ability to grasp just what in the actual fuck is going on. 1,934 more words


Suns, long and short

For the past few months I’ve worked my way through Gene Wolfe’s Book of the Short sun, only recently finishing the final volume, and thus finally wrapping up his whole Solar Cycle which began with The Book of the New Sun, and Continued with The Book of the Long Sun. 650 more words

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