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The Book of the New Sun

It took me three months, but I finally finished The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe. It was published as four novels, but it is clearly one giant novel. 1,074 more words


Why Would Wolfe Choose a Torturer in New Sun?

Sorry for the extremely weird question in the title. Gene Wolfe’s most famous work is The Book of the New Sun. It is four novels long and follows Severian, a torturer. 555 more words


The shadow of the torturer (Gene Wolfe, 1980)

The shadow of the torturer, by Gene Wolfe (1980).

Score: still trying to figure out the point.

See, I was very hyped about this book. I had read that it was complicated, subtle, explained very little and at the same time inspired a lot of theories and interpretations, and all of those were selling points for me. 558 more words


The Executioner's Song : Gene Wolfe - "Shadow of the Torturer" and "Claw of the Conciliator" (The Book of the New Sun #1 and 2)

What do we commoners look for in our fantastic literature? Severian, (the reminiscing protagonist of Gene Wolfe’s “Book of the New Sun”) suggests that we expect the same things from books that we expect from a well-conducted public execution: 930 more words

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Smilodon Tracks

I couldn’t help but smile at the recent discovery of these fossilized footprints of a saber-toothed cat. Made about 50,000 years ago they may perhaps be made again hundreds of thousands of years into the future under the glow of a dying sun.

Gene Wolfe