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I’ve decided to give Pitchapalooza a try this year, after doing NaNoWriMo for five straight years. You can read more about it here, with this link: … 384 more words


The Pitch

11.50, April 20th.
That was the slot I was allocated. Just ten minutes to tell a complete stranger about my baby and to hopefully not make a complete idiot out of myself. 1,193 more words

You guys!

First ever book pitch tomorrow with a literary agent. Absolutely terrified, yet simultaneously exhilarated!

Over the weekend I’m going endeavour to create a post in regards to how I found out about the opportunity, how I prepared, how it went on the day and what I would do differently next time. 22 more words

The Pitch, Part 3: Let's Just Write It, Shall, We?

This blog post first appeared on Amorina Rose Writes.

So, after two weeks struggling with writer’s block, I’ve finally realised I’d be better off doing something else: I’m going to send The Sapience Assessment off to Agents and Publishers (A&Ps). 1,215 more words

The Pitch, Part 1: The Importance of Managing Expectations

A pitch sounds like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? Just a few sentences describing what your novel is, essentially, about.

If only it were that easy. 569 more words