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How to Recognize a Bad Publisher (part 2)

Publishers, even small ones, are most often thought of as the ticket to your writing success. If you can get one to like your work, it’s all money and movie deals from then on, yeah? 889 more words


How to Recognize a Bad Publisher (part 1)

You’ve been on the market and querying publishers for a while now and have accumulated enough rejection letters that you’re starting to think outside the box. 1,302 more words


Is going to the London Book Fair a good idea for the freelance designer?

It’s a natural state of thought that if you specialise in book design, in one form or another that the London Book Fair is the place to be. 253 more words


Opinions Needed: (You Don't Hear That Very Often) Finalizing Book Cover and Title Selection

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

I have several potential designs for a book cover and am looking for input. Have mercy! I never knew how tough it would be to publish a book. 172 more words

Publishing and the Working Class

This week the UK’s Bookseller invited the book trade to complete a class survey. The survey hopes to map how class acts as a barrier to entry into writing and publishing. 891 more words


Writing, Hair-pulling, and Rewriting

No, this is not a sexy new sub-genre of erotica.

I am working on my second novel, Book 2 in The Timekeepers’ War trilogy. The manuscript has been 80% completed for ages, but I keep running into snags. 788 more words

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