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The Five Stages of Publishing Your Book

It goes without saying that, first, you have to write the book. But if you are at that glorious stage where the book is actually written (and edited, and redrafted) then you might be asking – now what?

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Literary Services & Author Help

What does a Literary Service actually do for you? A Literary Service has the goal to help make sure your ideas are perceived the way you intend.

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Book Publishing

Finding you audience as a fiction author: taking steps to success as a self-publishing author — John Robin's Blog

As I shared last week, and in my newsletter the previous week, I’ve put plans in motion to publish A Thousand Roads through my Dreamsphere Books imprint next fall, part of embracing the self-publishing process fully.

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Links to share...a mediocre life, idolatry of biblical womanhood, book publishing, book giveaways

I often share links for my own future reference, but figure an article might interest one of my blog readers too.

** Certain types of Christianity are all about having “the best life now.” Or we can be challenged to do “great things” for God in this world. 467 more words

Best Writing Advice I’ve Received — White Coats and Polka Dots

Hey everyone, sorry for the last two weeks of silence but I’ve been dealing with some laptop issues. Luckily, my lovely mother is allowing me to use her’s so I can get back to blogging ❤ I will admit, I am not the best writer there is (shocking, I know).

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Authors; How to Handle Negative Book Reviews

All authors publish their written works with every anticipation that many will see their work and that every single review of their book or novel will do nothing but lavish praise on the author and profess the reader’s unwavering devotion to the author as the reader’s first choice in personal reading. 2,003 more words

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Creating Stunning Character Arcs, Pt. 7: The First Act

Creating Stunning Character Arcs, Pt. 7: The First Act

The First Act is one of my favorite parts of any story. Why? On the surface, the First Act seems to be the slowest part of the story—and it often is. 1,951 more words

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