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Hey Amazon! Let's make something NEW!

E-publishing will kill REAL books!

Real books will never die!

The arguments have been raging about e-books since they first became a thing, way back in 19-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-look-it-up. 943 more words


Copy Cat. (A bit of a rant)


Whilst I was writing my review I mentioned “copy-cat books.” It’s a phrase I often use to describe cliche books that follow the bandwagon of a successful one. 575 more words


A Quote About Travel

“The world is a book,
And those who do not travel,
Read only a page.”

By Saint Augustine

To me, reading a book is traveling. When I read… 176 more words

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

How To Pose For A Book Reading Photo Shoot?

The culture of reading is being promoted everywhere in the world especially in developing countries. As a model, you may be needed by a library or any other organization to pose for them something they may use while promoting books. 19 more words

Sheillah Shadia

The Beach - Alex Garland

I read this book last summer but even though I liked it, I felt that I didn’t really understand it. However, after re-reading it recently I feel that I understand it enough to write about it. 279 more words


Potential Let's Read Series of "Videos"

Okay so I have been toying around with idea of reading a book and recording my voice while reading and posting it on Youtube for the world to hear.  38 more words

Imagination ~ Day 3 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

Music is story and story is music. Moreover, music is lyrical poetry.  

I often hear that readers imagine certain soundtracks to stories as they read, and use them as an anchor, a mental scaffold to connect. 262 more words

World, Near And Far