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The Devils Prayer - Book Review

I decided to try this book as I’m a lover of anything that involves religious conspiracy, sects, mystery and modern interpretation of the religion of centuries ago. 345 more words


Review : Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

Before I say something about this book I have to let you guys know that I actually watched the movie based on this book before reading it and I regret it. 300 more words

Book Review

Les Poupees Mutilees (Collection Frissons), par A. Bates (1991) ★★★

One of the more adult-oriented entries in the Point Horror series, “Mother’s Helper” is unlike any that had come before, with its few teenage characters and its propensity towards crime thriller over young adult horror, and while it’s an interesting experiment it’s not always successful, in part because the protagonist takes far too long to begin reacting to her strange circumstances that by the time she does, the audience has already lost interest in her.

Le Bonhomme De Neige (Collection Frissons), par R.L. Stine (1991) ★★

On the one hand, this umpteenth entry in the Point Horror series by R.L. Stine is a refreshing change of pace for the formulaic author, but unfortunately “The Snowman”’s story doesn’t make much sense and requires far too many suspensions of disbelief, and is rather repetitive and dull.

The Girl with All the Gifts // by M.R. Carey

I was pretty skeptical about this book before I started it.  Actually, when I listed my next five reads in November’s Rearview Mirror last week, I mentioned that I thought this book had a high DNF possibility.   751 more words

Book Review

Sinister Sideshow Slayings

Carnivals have a unique quality about them where they can be both intriguing and frightening. Freeks by Amanda Hocking glimpses into a world that is a little “other” than the norm. 215 more words

Book Review

Le Retour De Bob (Collection Frissons), par R.L. Stine (1991) ★★★★

One of the more fun, inventive and unique entries in the Point Horror series, R.L. Stine’s umpeenth young adult thriller has the benefits of a clever story that invokes the conventions both of ghost stories and zombie tales while always keeping things grounded in reality, and while some readers may be put off by the protagonist’s shallowness there’s a definite pay-off at the end.