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Book Review: Conclave by Robert Harris

Whenever a Pope does the process for choosing his successor is the same; Cardinals from all over the world travel to the Vatican where they are locked in until a new Pope is chosen. 387 more words


Tanya Tania - Antara Ganguli 

It is around 1 : 16 am, I just finished reading the last chapter of Tanya Tania. Of course, I have to share my thoughts on the book but how do I share all of what I feel in just a few words?  459 more words


Someone to Love - Ruchita Misra

Falling sick has its own virtue, you can crawl underneath a blanket with a book to accompany you. I chose “Someone to Love” by Ruchita Misra.¬† 206 more words


They say never judge a book by its cover, but, when the cover is so beautiful and enchanting one can afford to take the risk. That is what I did, and I am pleased to say,that I was not disappointed! 326 more words


Book Review: Alone No More by Chris Philbrook

My new year resolution may have been to broaden my reading, but here we are back with the zombies. The second part in the Adrian’s Undead Diary series this picks up where… 283 more words


Book Review: Deception Point by Dan Brown

I’ve only read one Dan Brown novel before, The Da Vinci Code, and quite enjoyed it. Sure it was largely forgettable but there’s no denying that Brown knows how to craft an incredibly effective page turner and for me this book falls into the same territory- not a great book but a gripping read while it’s in your hand. 495 more words


Book review - Tree Magic

Harriet Springbett’s debut novel will launch on 9 January
ISBN – 9781907605994 by Watchword eBooks (an Impress imprint)

Tree Magic is the story of an isolated child who misuses her talents to cause harm. 209 more words

Book Reviews - Fiction