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The Emotional Book-Buying Rollercoaster.

23:00: Hmm, can’t sleep. Wonder what they’ve got on that bargain book website today? I’ll just look, I won’t buy anything.
23.05: I’ll just add that to my basket so it’s ready for next time. 192 more words

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It's Time for a Revival!!

No, don’t worry, I haven’t called up a fire-and-damnation preacher to spout a bunch of “Hallelujahs” to a crowd of worshippers in a tent in the middle of a field. 628 more words


Best laid plans - the challenge of rethinking projects

I dream of a cupboard with patchwork quilts in neatly folded rainbows. There is the scent of lemon myrtle and bay leaves.

I have the beginning of this dream, it’s just that I haven’t made a contribution to the stack. 975 more words


Why charity shops?

Charity shops have always been one of my favourite ways to buy things. There is just something addictive about trawling through the rails and shelves trying to find that hidden treasure. 325 more words


Boston Book Day

I’m getting married soon (ahh!) and decided I wanted vintage books for centerpieces. What  better place to buy books than a shop in Boston that sells books for $1, $3 and $5. 140 more words


Birthday-Book Shopping

Okay, so, you know how it is. It’s your birthday, people give you money, you go to the next-best book-shop to spend it all. Well, I cannot go to the next-best, ‘cause they only do German, so I went to town and into Thalia. 900 more words


Book Shopping #1

It was an interesting moment searching through my bookshelf a few days ago to find that I have a total of 5 books (Not including the Harry Potter series) on my list. 471 more words

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