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Synopsis: The Tool You Need (whether you know it or not)

by Chris Mandeville

A synopsis is a document —sometimes a paragraph, sometimes several pages— that describes your book. What could be simpler? As a writer, I know my story better than anyone and thus should have no problem summarizing it. 1,799 more words

The Business Of Writing

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Happiest Baby on the Block: The Quick and Dirty Version

I don’t know about you, but my time is limited now that I have a baby in my life. I don’t have time to read every parenting book out there, but I do like learning how other people raise their children so that I can parent with intention. 394 more words


Cousin Bette, or Balzac on holiday

Something about the story behind the astronomical clocks in Prague near Wenceslas square recalled this tale to me. The clocks were built in the 15th century and after completion, the master clock maker was blinded so that he couldn’t make a similar masterpiece for another rich European city. 298 more words

Book Club: Go Set a Watchman

Every man’s island, Jean Louise, every man’s watchman, is his conscience.

Welcome to my first book club post! Shall we dive right in?

I chose this book to begin with because I happened to have just finished it.

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Book Club

Top Tips for Submitting your Manuscript

Top Tips for Submitting your Manuscript : The 3 pillars of a good submission

You have spent months and maybe (though hopefully not) years writing and polishing that ‘perfect’ manuscript. 1,539 more words


So the book's done. Now what?

Last week I gave you a sneaky peeky of my new novel, and this week and next, I’m taking a well-deserved rest. But what do you do after all that resting is over? 824 more words

Gwen Jones

Arrgh! Please don't make me write a synopsis!

It’s a sad, sad fact of the writing life that every book needs a synopsis if you want to sell it. I’m sorry, but synopses to me are like carbuncles on top of boils, about as compatible to my literary mojo as coconuts are to refrigerators. 453 more words

Gwen Jones