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Why Does He Do That? (2002)


This book is a look at the traits and mindset of abusive men. Some of its insights are surprising and shed light on why domestic abuse is so hard to detect and treat. 4,310 more words

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Tóm tắt sách "Sống như ngày mai sẽ chết"


Phi Tuyết

Làm Đất

Cuộc đời là một bộ phim – đừng để nó trôi qua nhàm chán

Bi kịch cuộc đời là chỉ sống cho người khác xem hoặc chỉ xem người khác sống. 1,409 more words

Phi Tuyet

What's the Matter with Kansas? (2004)


This book puts forward the argument that the right’s political strategy since the ’60s has been built on fanning class resentment but disguising it as a culture war. 3,569 more words

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The Rotunda Synopsis

16-year-olds, Amy-Lee, CJ, and Vicky, high school juniors from Shelby, Michigan live in a world where half of the inhabitants have either teleportation, telepathic, or telekinetic abilities that vary in power levels. 302 more words

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Book: Nonviolent Communication (2003)


For people wondering about how to engage in difficult, high-stakes conversations about politics without losing their cool, deeply empathize with others, and maybe change someone’s mind, I think this book, Nonviolent Communication, is a good place to start. 2,986 more words

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Kinsley “Fasty” Cormack has always been an automotive enthusiast since she was in middle school. She always knew that she wanted to get her hands on a muscle car, but she ended up in the JDM world. 100 more words

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What’s the Difference Between Book Blurb and Synopsis?

As I ready my book for its release, there are a few things that everyone tells me to do. Two of which are to write the book blurb and synopsis. 585 more words

Technical Communication