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Spirits Mask in European Paganism - Nigel Aldcroft Jackson in Call of The Horned Piper

Image: Wild Hunt by Johann Wilhelm Cordes. 1856-57

To enter into the state of ecstatic, magical consciousness in wich the phenomenal and noumenal worlds interact, the traditional shaman and shamaness has employed various mantic thecniques including the rhythmic magic of drum, sacred dance, incantatory chants and the use of the spirit mask in orde to achieve deep inner atunement with the divine deings. 1,271 more words


El Viaje del Tambor - Angeles Arrien en las Cuatro Sendas del Chamán

Image: Pablo Amaringo’s illustration for the book The Ayahuasca Visions

¿Por qué las tradiciones orales de muchas culturas indígenas dicen que la percusión en general y el ritmo de los tambores en particular facilitan la comunicación con el mundo espiritual? 3,880 more words

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