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The Honeymoon

In the midst of all the excitement over the release of my second novel in the Cerah of Quadar series, (perhaps you’ve heard? Many Hidden Rooms… 547 more words


Way Down South

I mentioned the nerves, but bundled in among them is a serious jag of excitement, not least due to the increasing number of books sales, pre-orders and ratings from Australia. 36 more words

Writer Stuff

The Everlands Kingdom

So many stories so little time. If you read the first book and moved onto the second one, you can get a good look at where things take place based on this amazing map my friend Adam Pippin put together for me! 175 more words

AJ Bell


That is my latest accounting for the as of yet, unnamed, book three of The Crystal Crux series.

I have eight different story lines. 297 more words

The Crystal Crux

Stop! - It's Beta Time!

Betas, man. What would we do without them? They’re magical creatures, willing to take the time out of their days, weeks, (months?), to glance over an unpolished manuscript and not only give feedback, but give supporting details and thoughts and comments and maybe – hopefully – a few ideas on what they think might help. 474 more words




My Newsletter is now live and integrated with my blog!

My serial project is almost ready to launch!

I have covers for all three books in the Horned Mage series! 14 more words

Manga Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 3

~ Warning! Spoilers! Manga Review: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (Volume 4) By: Naoko Takeuchi ~


In volume three of Sailor Moon, our beloved sailor scouts face off with Queen Metalia and defeat her. 292 more words