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Interview with Ali Abbas, author of Like Clockwork

Ali Abbas, the author of Like Clockwork was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. We hope you enjoy his interview; we did. 700 more words


Soul Search Book Trailer

The book trailer for Soul Search is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Wikimedia Credits: Image 2 Union Graveyard by Karl Thomas Moore; Image 4 Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide To Ohio By Michelle Colson; Image 5 Figure_5._ Anxiety_can_leave_a_person_feeling_extremely_sad.jpg  by user:Unsplash; Image 7 Time to let (her) go! 81 more words

Introvert Humor

Final Published Trailer

Website design(below) – how we’d present all of the trailers

I found that working as a group there were issues with working around all of our schedules, but when we did it was beneficial as we could contribute the ideas of three different people who have different styles and processes. 115 more words

Book Trailer

Book Trailer - A Tourist From America

A Tourist From America, is a chapter from the book ‘Londoners: Londoners: The Days and Nights of London as Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Long for It, Have Left It and Everything Inbetween’ written by Craig Taylor. 1,249 more words

Cauldrons and Confessions by Michelle M. Pillow

Book trailer for new release  by author Michelle M. Pillow Cauldrons and Confessions

Book Trailer

Book Trailer for The Blue Hour

There is a magical time at the end of the day when the sun has set, but the world isn’t yet black . . . 20 more words