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Vote (New Moon Chapter 24)--for real this time

I hope everyone enjoyed the April Fool’s Joke the other day, part of the reason I wrote that is because this chapter is bad. Not just bad in general, but bad for this book. 1,354 more words

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Redemption (The New Moon Walkthrough Ch. 24)

Late again, as usual. What’s not so usual is the why this time. I know I’ve blamed being late on everything from losing the book, to school work, to some kind of vacation, but this time is truly different. 907 more words

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Exodus (The New Moon Walkthrough Ch. 22)

We’re back…unfortunately.

Recapping from last week’s summary: Bella, Alice, and Edward are walking out of the castle de vampire in the town of Volterra. Well not really, they’re walking out of the inner sanctum and back in to the real world where the building they were in transforms from the gray rock of a dungeon and into an ornate Renaissance mansion (or bank, or church, it’s never really explained what kind of building this is supposed to be). 1,491 more words

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About those last five pages...(New Moon Ch. 21.2)

Two weeks ago (I’ve been bad at this) I concluded by complaining that as chapter 21 ended, we still had five more pages to go. Then I misplaced my book, I don’t know where it went but I assume that it has something to do with my daughter (you think I do this for myself?), she tends to hide things on me. 568 more words

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Pornography (New Moon Ch. 21)

Brendan Gill, a writer for the New Yorker once defined pornography as being a film in which you notice that the characters spend more time going through doors, getting in and out of cars, in other words–transitioning from one location to another then doing anything else.* While this sort of definition leaves out the more visceral substance of pornography it makes sense. 1,305 more words

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Editing (New Moon Ch. 20/21?)

I realize that editing must be tough. I also realize that there is probably more to it than I realize. Some subtleties in bringing out the writing intent of the author that involves more than just deleting typos and adding conjunctions. 1,373 more words

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Flight (The New Moon Walkthrough Ch. 19)

“We made our flight with seconds to spare”

Have you ever been on a flight? Has anyone at any time ever gotten to the airport with seconds to spare and just made the counter? 1,399 more words

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