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Thálatta! Thálatta!

On Wednesday, 13th November, 2013 I moved to Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast, where I rented a small, sea front cottage, until Tuesday, 24th June, 2014. 987 more words

CJ Robinson

Paving Stones II

In 2001 James Merrick created his abstract graphic novel Paving Stones. Now, sixteen years later, CJ Robinson produces Paving Stones II in homage to his friend, colleague and occasional collaborator. 54 more words

CJ Robinson


While talking to artist Anthony Shrag, he referenced Luca Frei’s The so-called utopia of the centre beaubourg. An interpretation, unaware that it is one of the titles from the Fabrications series I was responsible for, published by Book Works. 135 more words

Editorial Projects

Found Narrative No.7

Last weekend I attended a private book sale at the house of a friend’s friend. The house owner’s husband had died a few months ago leaving a library of over 10,000 books and the house owner was in the process of organising the house’s contents in order that she could move forward with her own life, and eventually sell the house. 231 more words

CJ Robinson

Another blast from the past

Having worked with Book Works on and off over the years, I know how long Jane Rolo and Gavin Everall have tried to get a project off the ground with writer and curator, and long-time director of Glasgow’s CCA, Francis McKee. 127 more words