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Bookchallenge Day 9 October


Beautiful illustrations

I am still in love with this book! It’s one of my favourites!

It’s so amazing and brilliant. Like a jewel 😍


The Ruler of Books Tag

An embarrassingly long time ago, the lovely Sara @Freadom Library has tagged me for the Ruler of Books Tag (originally created by Ariel Bisset) and now, after months of waiting, the day has finally come – here is the tag!! 428 more words

Books To Fall For

A Legacy (20.7) The Don



The Don sat down at his office. He hadn’t done so in a considerable while.

“I’m the Don,” he said to no one in particular. 1,875 more words


Review: Girl on the Train

Warning: Spoilers ahead

So the other day I went to see Girl on the Train, starring Emily Blunt, 2 blond girls and 3 dark haired guys… 1,485 more words

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz (and other stories)

“There are only diamonds in the whole world, diamonds and the shabby gift of illusion”.

In his satirical collection of short stories Fitzgerald portrays the dazzling Jazz Age as a dazzling illusion, riddled with arrogant materialism and all-consuming greed. 824 more words


Book Review: The Dragons of Ordinary Farm

The Dragons of Ordinary Farm by Tad Williams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tyler and Lucinda are dismayed that they have to spend the summer at the farm with their mysterious Uncle Gideon, whom they have never met. 196 more words


Scary Halloween Read: Clowns

Clown sightings: real or fake? Journalist Tom Wagner uncovers the truth as he meets up with paranormal investigators in the woods of South Carolina where two clown sightings have took place. 8 more words