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Searching Saturday #2: Book with an LGBTQ+ Character

Searching Saturday is a new meme created by Nikki at The Night is Dark and full of books. It involves searching for a book that is new to you.  364 more words


Παρουσίαση του βιβλίου του Δ. Χριστόφια στο Λονδίνο

Ο κ. Χριστόφιας, σε χαιρετισμό του προς το συγκεντρωμένο πλήθος των ομογενών, είπε ότι το βιβλίο είναι «εξώθηση της συνείδησής του» στο να λεχθεί «η πραγματική αλήθεια για την Κύπρο, για το Κυπριακό και για το ρόλο διαφόρων δυνάμεων στη διάρκεια των τελευταίων 70 χρόνων».


Review of 2016: David McCaffrey

It was a pleasure meeting David McCaffrey when he travelled all the way from Teeside to North Shields to see Elementary Writers perform at Old Low Light. 257 more words



I realized something that can be a serious game-changer in my fantasy book. When the two kings declare their respective claims to the throne, the loyalties of the various nobles will be tested and they will each choose a side. 82 more words


sometimes making a different choice  or other decisions, just tell yourself, you are doing this for yourself, not other one else, so take your own risk and responsibility. Just do it!


Girl Online | Bk 1 | Written by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella

Hi everyone,
So today I thought of giving my review of the first YouTuber book I’ve read in my life. I know its crazy for someone like me not to read a Youtuber book in their lifetime but it’s not too late to read one. 427 more words


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Agatha Christie

On October, my parent sold our childhood home. Even for almost 5 years I not lived in that house anymore only came at weekend, it still heartbreaking. 405 more words

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