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I Bought A Rug

Yesterday I found out that my book wasn’t going to be published. Most likely. Almost certainly. See… the publisher went out of business. And although they feel terrible and would like to help their authors they are out of resources. 240 more words



Dearest Newbies <3!

This is obliviousotter13. I write fun stories, from fantasy to romance to action. I really hope you enjoy reading these stories. I have some rules you MUST follow though if you are a true otter. 58 more words

Sacha Baron Cohen, Is That You?

Title: Looks Who’s Back

Rating: 3 Stars

The high concept plot for this book is that instead of committing suicide, Adolf Hitler went into some kind of suspended animation and comes to in the year 2011. 619 more words



At times I wonder how people back in the day could live without electricity. And sometimes I also wonder how my life would be now without the internet. 397 more words


3 Keys to Increasing Your Confidence & Finding Your Meaning In Life (1 min read)

Do what you love.

You reap a great sense of accomplishment and joy when you chase your passion—something you will do even if you aren’t paid. 163 more words


6 Things True Leaders Do (2 min read)

Below are six strategies for making the transition from a doer to true leader.

1.  Define what success looks like for your team and shar… 380 more words