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Echoes from a Book

“The Sense of an Ending” is a book that I didn’t enjoy much but its central theme was extremely thought-provoking. Even long after the book was read and returned, I kept re-thinking the concepts of time, memory and my perspective on my life so far. 293 more words

Is Selfishness the Key to Happiness?

I’m sure most of us would immediately answer “no” to the question the title poses. I do. I think self-care and self-love are important in order to be able to share love and affection with others, but I don’t think selfishness leads to happiness. 718 more words


‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan

A young girl’s imagination and a momentary lapse of judgement contribute to a momentous change of lives.

The hottest day of the summer of 1935 and, as Europe slips closer and closer to war, so Briony witnesses a series of events in the family home that, as a sheltered 13 year-old, she does not understand. 592 more words


Booker Prize Shortlist: 1996

It’s the first year where I have completed reading all novels shortlisted for the prestigious literary prize. The judges selected Graham Swift and Last Orders… 408 more words



A swallow does not a summer make. Nor does an 11 minute silence on Twitter make a season of peace and content.

But golly, it helps. 273 more words


His Bloody Project: Blerg.

I couldn’t remember the title of this book when I sat down to write, so I popped into google the things I could remember: novel, nineteenth century, crofter, bloody, murder, Scotland. 263 more words


‘Reading in the Dark’ by Seamus Deane

Irish poet and academic Seamus Deane’s evocative novel is a masterfully told story of childhood, a fragment of the ordinary within the extraordinary – an unnamed boy growing up catholic in sectarian Derry in Northern Ireland in the late 1940s/early 1950s. 354 more words