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‘The Little Stranger’ by Sarah Waters

What a disappointment. Sarah Waters is a best-selling author (The Little Stranger is her fifth although my first) who is, unusually, much lauded by the literary critics. 495 more words


'If there's something strange in your neighbourhood, Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters)'

Sarah Waters is an author whose novels I love so much I have to ration them, so that I’m never without one in the wings. As it’d been several years since I’d read  773 more words


Thomas Keneally, Schindler's Ark

”The resistance claimed that ten thousand murders on a given day were within the capacity of Auschwitz Two. Then, for the Łódź area, there was the camp at Chelmo, also equipped according to the new technology. 53 more words


Excess Baggage

In which a surprise award is dished out and our reluctant hero wishes TARDIS technology existed inside a Vauxhall Meriva.

A lot has happened since I last battered a load of randomly selected words into the series of slightly less random sentences and paragraphs that passed themselves off as last week’s blog. 735 more words


‘Morality Play’ by Barry Unsworth

An itinerant cleric from the Lincoln Bishopric stumbles across a troupe of Travelling Players in the winter forests of 14th century Yorkshire. Abroad without permission, Nicholas Barber is without money, food, warm clothes or a place to sleep. 214 more words


The Big Booker Prize 2016 Blog, episode 2 : In which there are half as many jokes but twice as much... cake?

As Pokemon Go sweeps the country and Olympic fever is in the air, I have taken a brief break from throwing pokeballs at elusive and increasingly irate Olympians to read a few more Booker Longlisted titles: Namely, … 1,105 more words


Let's have a heated debate! On women's only literary prizes...

If women want to win literary prizes, then they should write great books…

I intensely dislike prizes that are specifically for women, unless there is an equivalent prize especially for men. 858 more words

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