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Me Ki Gai | Atul Khekade | Book Review

  • Author: Atul Khekade
  • Paperback : 267 pages
  • Publisher : Notion Press (1 January 2020)
  • Language : English

Ikigai – a beautiful word with an even more beautiful meaning. 607 more words

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Author Interview | Dr. Allen Lycka | The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life

The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life by Dr. Allen Lycka and Harriet Tinka is an insightful read depicting 13 golden pearls, courtesy the wisdom of its authors. 327 more words

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SIS | Kelisha Lopez-Shealey | Book Review

  • Author: Kelisha Lopez-Shealey
  • Print Length: 117 pages
  • Publisher: AGS Publishing (10 November 2019)

We envision a society where women stand for women, if not men. 289 more words

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Author Interview | Supriya Saraswati | Brink & Beyond

Brink & Beyond by Supriya Saraswati is a collection of short stories set around women protagonists from different walks of life. These stories touch the contours of a woman’s life in different roles – a mother, a wife, a prostitute, or simply a girl willing to find the one who stays a bit longer. 878 more words

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The Trials Of The Samson: Bloodlines | Book Review

  • Author: Jerrell Conner, Frederick Price and Jeroll Rodgers
  • Print Length: 158 pages
  • Publisher: Eggizō Entertainment (28 June 2020)
  • Language: English

The Trials of the Samson: Bloodlines… 301 more words

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Dopeheri (Hindi) | Pankaj Kapur | Book Review

  • Author: Pankaj Kapur
  • Hardcover: 100 pages
  • Publisher: HarperHindi (10 November 2019)
  • Language: Hindi

दोपहरी – वो वक़्त जब हम आधे दिन की थकान मिटाते हैं, जब हम बचे हुए आधे दिन का हिसाब लगाते हैं, जब हम थोड़ा गुणा भाग करते हैं, जब सन्नाटे में कभी कभार थोड़ा अधिक तन्हा महसूस करते हैं. 328 more words

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Out of Chaos | Natalie Nascenzi | Book Review

  • Author: Natalie Nascenzi
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publisher: ii Publishing (11 May 2020)
  • Language: English

Out of Chaos‘ by Natalie Nascenzi is a coming-of-age poetry collection that strikes a chord with you owing to its rhythm and intent. 298 more words

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