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Reading Lumikki Andersson, the Finnish girl-sleuth

Lumikki is a Finnish-Swedish high school student with a propensity for landing in the middle of trouble that has nothing to do with her. She is independent, talented, and a little bit of a BAMF. 610 more words


Did You Know That Seeds Are Freaking Awesome?!

I love micro-histories – books that delve into the history and specifics of one small specific thing. One of my favourites is The Big Necessity… 421 more words


Bookish Confessions: Five Former (and Horrific) Bookish Habits That I Regret Now

Reader Discretion is Advised: The following post may cause blank staring, anxiety, heart palpitations, profuse sweating, and anger.  Read at your own risk.

As I have noted in previous blog posts, I often look through my book collection to find inspiration for future posts. 1,131 more words


A little home office update

Being fifty-something, I know the value of brightening up my work space now and again. It’s easy to get complacent about your work environment, especially when you work from a home office. 305 more words

Decorating / Homefront

Bookishness Out of Control

I declared an embargo on book-buying after I inadvertently joined the Folio Society.

Was I  hypnotized by an article in The Guardian about the new complete edition of Anthony Trollope’s… 440 more words

New Old Fairytales [Reviewing The Turnip Princess]

Most kids have a penchant for fairy tales, but as a kid, my favourites were the stories my dad made up for me. Legally-blind, he made up special characters just for me that far surpassed any Snow White. 388 more words


Book Reviewlets: Half Life, Shelley Jackson

In the early aughts, a younger, dapperer TfH encountered Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl, one of the best of the first wave of “hypertext”.

E-lit before e-readers, hypertext sought to exploit digital possibility for fictional ends. 491 more words

The Wimmins