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Five for Friday.

Ohmygoshthisweek. I am very glad today is Friday. Need a snapshot?

1. Jeff returned home last night after a very long week partying conferencing. I learned a lot last week. 404 more words

Why - Yes It *IS* All About Me!

Nonfiction November: Week 3

It’s non-fic November round-up time again! This week our lovely event is hosted by the fabulous Rebecca over at I’m Lost in Books, who poses: 853 more words

Hey! You Over There! Entertain Me!

Book Review: NEED by Joelle Charbonneau

As someone who was a teenager in high school when Facebook and Twitter (and even MySpace) started out, I feel like a bit of a pioneer in terms of social media. 577 more words


Book Review: An Epidemic of Empathy

“The best strategies in healthcare begin with empathy.”

An Epidemic of Empathy in Healthcare: How to Deliver Compassionate, Connected Patient Care that Creates a Competitive Advantage…

401 more words

An Audio Treat in Afrikaans

As a little girl, my dad created a special story and character with which to entertain me at bedtime. Her name was Lientjie (pronounced “Linky”) and she was a “cheerful butterfly”. 197 more words

Getting To Know Me

#mommyblogging with Ferrante

I raced through the final Neapolitan novel, as forewarned, guided by the suspicion that there is no Lila Cerullo.


The Wimmins

Past Due Book Review: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

When is the last time you read a book that ripped out your heart and handed it back to you while you cried?

I just read one last week.   638 more words