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Ten Books Which Feature Characters with Agency

Sometimes I get really tired of reading books where characters don’t have control. Some of the most popular books out there have plots that happen to people. 877 more words


The power of a shower

While at the annual retreat of the Washington Romance Writers chapter of the Romance Writers of America this past weekend, I had a lovely conversation with some equally-lovely writer friends about those moments when inspiration zings you, when ideas come so unexpectedly you have to grab at whatever’s closest to scribble them down before they fly off again. 288 more words


Paired Reading: Refugees and Displaced Persons in Africa

While on holiday in Zambia I read two absolutely breathtaking books. I bought both of these books myself and was not asked to review them, but I feel the need to share them with everyone. 602 more words


Incredible Quotes

Work has been busy, so I find myself working on an unscheduled Top Ten Tuesday post because how can I let the opportunity to wallow in quotes go by? 247 more words


Book Reviewlets: Girl in a Band, by Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon confirmed my adolescent suspicions that society shakes down into strata of cool. And that the people I love most not only occupy the same social latitude. 580 more words

The Wimmins

Update on Previous Post + Mini Haul

Hi, everyone!

I typically do not publish posts on the weekend, but I wanted to let you know that I recently updated my last post— 265 more words


I Read a Book About CIPA

Remember that episode in House, M.D. with the girl who can’t feel pain? I remember watching that and thinking, THIS CAN’T BE REAL. (Hey, I was just a little first year at the time.) Google showed me the light, though, and so I learned a pretty important physiological lesson: pain has purpose. 589 more words