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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

♥ Hello everyone! ♥

So earlier in the week I was nominated to take part in The Sunshine Blogger Award by Jasmine at How Useful It Is!!  766 more words


Ancient Rain with Paul Kelly + Camille O'Sullivan

Being fifty-something, I love an experience anchored by a moment in history. A happening my future self can align to something important. It’s a variation on “where I was when …” the twin towers collapsed/John Lennon was shot/the Berlin wall came down. 875 more words

Out And About

Five for a New Englandy Friday.

Morning, constant readers! It’s been a busy week with very little posting, so the challenge will be containing myself to just five items, but I’ll try my best. 721 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Word For Word Non-Fiction Festival 2016

Being fifty-something, I’ve figured out where my “campfires” are, the places where I can gather with like-minds to feed my curiosity, celebrate, commiserate and share stories. 235 more words


Food Trails by Lonely Planet ~~Book review

Being fifty-something, I’m all for the road less travelled. Give me a quiet, uncrowded journey where the magic unfolds at my pace. If that magic is punctuated by new food experiences, all the better. 613 more words


Book reviews: One ridiculously good story in a week of predictable books.

First, I have to send out a GOOD LUCK, BEE!!!! into the universe because today is the actual StuCo vote. I thought it was yesterday, but yesterday was “just” speeches. 1,047 more words


ReadHarder Challenge: Smashed!

If you’ve spent any time at all reveling in the online reading community, you know about the wickedly awesome BookRiot and their READ HARDER challenge… 4,122 more words