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The Most Popular way to do your own Books

When starting a business you are required to maintain a set of financial records. Even if you decide to use software like Quick Books, you will still benefit from knowing how to manually record you books. 509 more words


Ask SCORE: What should I do before I hire my first employee?

Hiring employees for your small business can help lighten your workload. But it also creates the need to manage something you didn’t need to worry about when you were handling all aspects of your business by yourself: 448 more words


Prince's Trust Business Enterprise Course // Sunday Sunray News

In this week’s edition of Sunday Sunray News, I have a big update to share with you! I’ve spent the last four days developing Sunray Sister on a free course run by… 823 more words

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Business Tax Tips – Tax on Temporary Residents or Foreign Workers or Non-resident Worker Tax

If you have employees that are temporary residents or foreign workers, it is important to know the tax that applies and conditions the worker must meet, such as current work VISA – here is… 924 more words


ATO to target businesses for employee and contractor obligations

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has identified that businesses in the supermarket, car retailing, bakery and computer system design industries are often lacking or need more help to meet their tax and super obligations. 299 more words


Is The Future Of Bookkeeping Still Bright? | Monitor Bookkeeping Services Perth

With cloud technology reigning supreme in the business industry, is it time for bookkeepers to push the panic button or is it a new opportunity to grab?

Word Slaad Salad

The party (John Tiller the Paladin of Vengeance, Dexter the Thief, Magic Man, Endo the chosen of Gond, and Alton the Aasamir) is together in the Glendaldil, the Outer Planes kingdom of Chauntea, the goddess of life and harvest.

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