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2015 Frequently challenged books (Banned Book Week series #2)

This is always a difficult count to make, because what gets challenged and/or banned may not get mentioned in the media or reported to the ALA for inclusion. 483 more words


10 things to do which will help you read more.

Struggling to fit reading in this schedule? Then this list of tips might just help you get motivated.
1. Learn to read everywhere.

On the toilet. 349 more words


September Booklist

I can’t believe it’s the end of another month! Time is definitely flying by as a post-grad & I am enjoying the transition. Evenings and weekends are free of homework and I have time to focus on the things I want to do, without worrying about upcoming tests or projects. 251 more words


My Series Problem

Today’s post is more for my own reference than anything else, but if it inspires you to track down all of those different loose ends on your own TBR than I’ve done some good in the world. 580 more words


Origins of the French Revolution - Top Ten Booklist

The French Revolution has been seen as a world-altering event. The revolution demolished a long standing monarchy and showed that it was a natural form of government. 80 more words


Book-to-Movie #1

You must have seen many movies that are based on books. There are a lot of movies like that. Many of the time when I see a movie, I don’t even realize that it is based on a book. 122 more words


Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Audiobooks for Kids

I grew up traveling around the United States and have vivid memories of listening to audiobooks in the car – what else were my parents supposed to do with four kids in the car for 10+ hour road trips?   367 more words