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Getting Serious about Writing and YOU

Okay, it’s time to get serious about this writing gig. No more lolligogging about reading books about how to be a better writer. The excrement is about to hit the fan. 780 more words

Social Media

Sweet Garuda

He stands tall with his neck streched out

covered with a coat of sable ,

His arms  extend as he falls without a doubt

who else could fly so stable, 64 more words


Trailers for Books?

I love movie trailers, especially the really good and long ones you see while at a movie theater. A few weeks ago, I heard someone mention “book trailer” and I scratched my head. 251 more words


A lack of pride!

OMG Reading that title, I feel so pathetic and yet, here’s the thing…

I really, and I mean, REALLY need to sell some bloody books! 923 more words


Books & Video

Books have to stay in tune with the digital age to maintain any saliency with younger crowds. So listen here authors, writers, publishers, and marketers: think video. 405 more words


The art of nudity

The first time I saw a naked woman
It was on the internet at the age of 12
And I was…. Confused
I’d heard so much about the female form about how beautiful it was ,                            how life changing your first glimpse was supposed to be, 384 more words


To Ad or Not

If you ask author, mom and activist Kat Biggie about Facebook ads, she’ll say it’s a toss up between its possibilities and limitations.

@BadRedheadMedia A1. Possibilities are endless!

576 more words