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Delivering an I CARE Guest Service Experience at Your Church

Ask almost anyone about a recent customer service experience and the odds are it will be “meh” at best and a total failure at worst. … 432 more words


What's Happened to Customer Service?

Think of the last 3 experiences you had as a customer – how did it go?

According to Brian Church, Chairman of Experience International, probably not so well. 299 more words


Have You Walked in Your Guest's Shoes Lately?

What’s going through the minds of your Guests as they walk toward your organization for the first time?

Bruce Loeffler thinks you ought to know. 356 more words



It’s bad practice to post a brief book report after reading a few reviews on Amazon, at least in my own writer guidelines. But this time, I did just that. 353 more words


Clarity is a Prerequisite for Compelling Leadership

Bob Johansen, author of “Leaders Make the Future”, states that clarity is one of ten leadership skills that leaders will need in the upcoming times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. 122 more words


It All Begins with Hospitality

Church leaders need to understand the fact that our competition is not other churches; it’s places that provide WOW! Experiences and to which guests compare our churches. 431 more words


Stephen Law recommends five books on pseudoscience

Most of you have probably heard of Stephen Law, a philosopher at the University of London and provost of the Center for Inquiry UK (he’s also an atheist).   690 more words