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McMurtry's "Rhino Ranch"

Reading the last installment of our hero’s late-life adventures, I began to wonder if Duane should have been named Randy. Even in his sixties, the guy is always having instant relations with nympho’s and errant lesbians and other ringers. 287 more words


Generosity Starts with the Heart, Not the Checkbook

Is your congregation stuck seeing generosity as what they cannot give rather than why or how they give?

Generosity is a way of living that involves one’s daily activities, values, and goals for life, and the use of all possessions. 941 more words


How to Rewire Your Teams for Maximum Collaboration

Do key leaders in your organization only think about their ministry area and not the entire organization?

Divisions are necessary in all organizations, even churches. They provide the structure that allows your ministry to function smoothly. 1,015 more words


Midmonth BookNotes - November - Book Bounty

In the November 2016 edition of the Midmonth BookNotes, you’ll find the latest novels and mysteries in romance and so many wonderful holiday gift ideas…  6 more words


How to Increase Your Team's Productivity by Modeling Your Own

You have a pretty good sense that most of your team has too much to handle and not enough time to get it done – you may not have a sense of how much you are contributing to the problem. 975 more words


McMurtry's "When the Light Goes"

Directly following the chronology in “Duane’s Depressed,” this short novel is the Thalia series’ statement book on intimacy. Events are centered on protagonist Duane Moore and extend to all the other characters. 427 more words


How to Use a Brain Trust to Spark Creativity on Your Team

In our fast-paced digital life, church leadership teams need to be creative in order to deal with the changes coming their way today – or they risk irrelevancy tomorrow. 1,154 more words