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The Start up of You and The Alliance

These are not books I’d recommend but I did want to capture the essence of them. For a start I was fascinated to read that the founder of Linked-In (and author of both these books) was part of the Pay-Pal Mafia. 344 more words


Fortune favours the givers

Everyone likes to think of themselves as generous, so I avoided starting this post with an, “are you a giver?” question. In reading this latest book, I have had to confess that I certainly don’t come up to scratch when compared to some of the givers profiled in this story. 1,036 more words


Too Much Brainstorming Will Only Leave You All Wet

The conventional wisdom that innovation can be institutionalized or done in a formal group is simply wrong. – Debra Kaye, Red Thread Thinking

According to author Debra Kaye in…

384 more words

They Made It - We Borrow It

There is no such thing as a truly original idea. – David Kord Murray

Great thinkers throughout history have understood this and used it to their advantage.

383 more words

I've Got the Power

The range of ways people exercise and respond to power can be complicated.

Think of power in this case as the ability to exercise influence… 387 more words


If You Want to Be a Coach, You'd Better Have a Whistle

Like many parents, my coaching career began with my own kids. First it was my oldest son (now 34) and Pee Wee Basketball. After a couple of years, I traded my tennis shoes for a pair of soccer cleats, and began a 10-year run coaching various levels of soccer teams for all 4 of my kids at one time or another, often multiple teams in the same year. 420 more words