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Leaders Value Sleep and Improve Their Sleep Habits

Who takes care of the caregiver?

In your role of a leader and servant to your church, you probably push yourself to a point of exhaustion and beyond, rationalizing that you don’t have time for diets or exercise or that you will catch up on sleep later. 1,269 more words


Proust's "Within a Budding Grove"

The second novel in the series of seven has plenty of slog areas – tedious sections of rumination and digression. In automotive terms, the dwell angle – the delay between firing points – is immense at times. 480 more words


Leaders Make the Conscious Decision To Serve

Humility does not come naturally to anyone.

Who hasn’t seen an example of our self-centered nature in a two-year old child in the checkout line at the grocery story, lying flat out on the floor, screaming at the top of her lungs, fists clenched because Mom wouldn’t buy her a candy bar? 983 more words


Shift the Focus of Your Communication from Transaction to Transformation

How do I lead the process of heart transformation necessary to grow generous givers who are rich toward God?

Talking about giving in church is undoubtedly one of the senior leader’s least favorite activities. 1,009 more words


Do You Ever Feel Like You're Living Out the Movie "Groundhog Day" at Your Church?

Groundhog Day is a celebration of an old tradition – Candlemas Day – where clergy blessed and distributed candles for winter, representing how long and cold winter would be. 387 more words


Learn What Fills Your Tank - and Keep It Filled

Are you trying to lead on an empty tank?

More days than we would like to admit, pastors face the necessity of leading on an empty tank. 978 more words


Conduct a Community Analysis

Has the community around your church changed, and you are not sure how to respond?

Some say that we live in the age of the “selfie” – a generation focusing more and more on how they look, and at the same time  growing more and more unaware of the world around them. 1,526 more words