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See Social Media Through the Lens of "One Another"

How can you avoid the potential distraction of social media and use it to really advance your mission?

As a leader, you can only influence those whom you can reach (Rick Warren). 779 more words


Look Back and Learn: Investing in Wisdom Equity

In researching and working on some leadership development material for an ongoing writing project, I came across the following:

Christianity is a religion of change. Jesus’ call in Mark 1:15 (the kingdom of God is at hand) was a call to change – change of mind and heart, of conduct and character, of self and society.

395 more words

Leaders Model Culture by Consistent Personal Example

How can you protect and grow your church culture without having to be negative all the time?

Either you will manage your culture, or it will manage you. 858 more words


How to Communicate Your Unique Vision

How can you more clearly communicate your unique church vision? 

Every day, your church stewards thousands of moments of truth. Every time a member talks to a neighbor, someone drives by the church facility, a ministry e-mail goes out, or a pastor’s business card is left on a desk, some interaction on behalf of the church has transpired. 1,161 more words


How to Invest in Your Future

One of my greatest passions is reading.

I developed this passion at an early age, and have continued to strengthen it over the years. 746 more words


"Wapshot Scandal" by John Cheever

A 1960s novel, today it reads fresh and powerful.  Parts of it describe material that was likely shocking fifty years ago, but now is folded well into our huge complicated mix of what is socially and/or morally acceptable – or more cynically, what isn’t? 223 more words


Plan Your Presentation with an Intentional Structure

There is really no situation much worse than finding yourself caught in a presentation or conference where the person speaking has something important to share, but remains clearly unable to share it. 1,065 more words