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How to Cultivate Long-Term Commitment Within Your Team

Many teams today are not really teams at all – organizationally, structurally, and motivationally they are not set up to work as individual parts of a larger, unified whole. 914 more words


Midmonth BookNotes – October – Sweet Literary Treats

In the October 2016 edition of the Midmonth BookNotes, you’ll find the latest novels and mysteries in romance, the newest Jodi Picoult and Juliana Gray (Beatriz Williams),  an eclectic batch of cookbooks, and so much more…  6 more words


Conduct Visual Meetings to Boost Productivity

Do your meetings tend to suck the wind out of your team, instead of filling its sails?

There’s nothing more annoying than a meeting that goes on and on and on – except maybe a meeting that goes on and on and on AND doesn’t accomplish anything. 842 more words


Leaders Know How to Say "No" Gracefully

Does your organization try to do too much?

Every day ministry leaders spend too much time, managing too much church stuff, for too little life-change. It is safe to say that the church in North America is over-programmed and under-discipled. 828 more words


JCO is my BFF

.@zunguzungu, .@JoyceCarolOates & her Twitter account are national treasures. Her tweets are the definition of splendiferocity. I decided.

— Dale Marlowe (@stevemarlowe) …

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Do You Communicate a Lot, But Don't Consider Yourself a Great Storyteller?

Have your eyes ever glazed over as a speaker drones on and one, spouting statistics and facts? Do you even remember anything an hour later? What about the next day? 778 more words


Wednesday Weekly Reader - How to Read a Book

During my elementary school years one of the things I looked forward to the most was the delivery of “The Weekly Reader,” a weekly educational magazine designed for children and containing news-based, current events. 1,253 more words