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"Make it Stick" - Peter Brown

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with learning about learning. I realize this should be an intuitive process by now, but apparently not to me. I hit a snag while working on my designation, consisting of an overload of information and the sheer inability to keep up. 409 more words

Less is Almost Always More, Even When We Ask for More

The bread aisle at the grocery store confounds me.

I just wanted to buy a loaf of bread to make a sandwich – I didn’t really want to wade through 2 long shelves of every imaginable type of bread possible. 613 more words


Traditions of the Ancients - Marcia Ford - Book Notes

Below are book notes I took whilst reading, “Traditions of the Ancients.”  The following are notes that strike me, and are fitting for me at this time in life and ministry.   599 more words


Roth: "American Pastoral"

This is likely another “to be continued” post.  Sometimes I change my attitude about a book. At this point I’m unable to get very far in this one.  243 more words


Delivering an I CARE Guest Service Experience at Your Church

Ask almost anyone about a recent customer service experience and the odds are it will be “meh” at best and a total failure at worst. … 432 more words


Salinger's Boxed Set

Rumor columns say the Salinger estate will release additional works, some of which supposedly pick up characters of yore and take them forward in time. True? 68 more words


What's Happened to Customer Service?

Think of the last 3 experiences you had as a customer – how did it go?

According to Brian Church, Chairman of Experience International, probably not so well. 299 more words