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Visionary Communicators Develop an Authentic Voice

Don’t see yourself as a visionary communicator and instead prioritize the maintenance of week-to-week ministry?

Are you finding yourself on a ministry treadmill, where the busyness of ministry creates a progressively irreversible hurriedness in your life? 885 more words


Midmonth BookNotes – March – Book Madness

In the March 2017 edition of the Midmonth BookNotes, you’ll find the latest signed books by Christine Baker Kline, Joan Aiken, Laura Childs, and so much more… … 6 more words


Your Discipleship Strategy Starts with Your Definition of a Disciple

Are you looking for a discipleship strategy, but don’t know where to begin?

How do churches make disciples?

It is perhaps the central question churches face, and only some of them actually have a well-defined answer. 727 more words


Be Careful Where You Aim - You Might Hit It There

a guest post by Mark Miller, bestselling author of Chess Not Checkers and The Heart of Leadership

When was the last time you took a vacation? 629 more words


Impact Your Community by Adopting an Incarnational Posture

Has the community around your church has changed, but you are not sure how to respond?

Some say that we live in the age of the “selfie” and are raising a generation aware of how they look, and at the same time they are growing more and more unaware of the world around them. 1,318 more words


Protect the Past While Envisioning the Future

Does your church dream more about where you have been than where God is leading you?

Have you ever looked around to realize that your church might be living today by focusing on yesterday? 997 more words


Leaders Value Sleep and Improve Their Sleep Habits

Who takes care of the caregiver?

In your role of a leader and servant to your church, you probably push yourself to a point of exhaustion and beyond, rationalizing that you don’t have time for diets or exercise or that you will catch up on sleep later. 1,269 more words