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Review: The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia

The Lovely Reckless is a YA contemporary romance told from the POV of Frankie, a rich girl sent to live in the not-so-nice part of town with her undercover cop father, where she does community service to atone for her DUI, meets a super-hot drag racer, and tries to remember who killed her boyfriend. 282 more words


Book Review of Growing With by Kara Powell & Steven Argue

Reading this book felt like I was coming home from a long trip. For the last few years I’ve been trying to both understand and Pastor “The Millennials” (Born in between 1980-2000ish). 1,012 more words


Life Changing Books

This is the first episode of a new sequence of posts I’m planning to do as soon as I finish to read a book.

This will help me getting the habit of reading, which I think is a neglected skill by most of you guys. 476 more words

Cold Truth by Nikhil Pradhan

Genre (s) :    Books >Thriller/suspense

Series: No

Length: 220

Publishers: HarperCollins

Publication date : 5sep 2018

||This review copy was provided by the publisjer in exchange for a fair and honest review || 399 more words


Black Library Review: "Mercy" by Danie Ware

By Cole Henry

“Her boots crunching over ancient, fallen masonry, Augusta climbed the steps towards the high altar. Ruin or not, she paused before the top and dropped to one armoured knee, her black cloak billowing and her hand tracing the fleur-de-lys on her armour.” 297 more words

Black Library Review: "The Firstborn Daughter" by Filip Wiltgren

By Cole Henry

“You are firstborn.”

Making his Black Library debut within the pages of Inferno #1, Filip Wiltgren’s The Firstborn Daughter is nothing short of a revelation. 424 more words

Book Bites: A Million Little Ways [You Are An Artist]

Hi friends,

I’ve decided to use my nerdy powers for good and start a new series.

Once a month, I’ll share with you a takeaway from a book that I’ve been reading. 836 more words