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Book Tour: The Chronicles of Midway

The Storyteller’s Book

The Chronicles of Midway Book 1

by Kevin Fleming

Genre: SciFi Fantasy

“ … you must realise and accept, neither me, your mum, nor either of you are… 1,069 more words


Living the Good Life, Episode 46 (August 18, 2017 ): Good books and good times!

Same as last week, friends :D Good times, good times~


Knight’s and Magic episode 7:Ahh, lotta fun here. Two big battles in this episode, first a test of skill between 6 more experienced knights in standard mechs and our protag and his friends in their 4 advanced mechs. 1,228 more words

Video Games

A Friend in Need

Hey, guys! My friend, author Jessica Larsen, is currently in need of financial help. She was deported from Norway last year and because of this, she and her husband had to move to Spain. 305 more words


A Beginner's Book Club

Hello, readers.

Once again, it’s been almost a year (to the day!) since I’ve posted anything. I’m sure y’all are tired of hearing that I’m going to get better about blogging, so I won’t say it again and we can just pick everything back up like old friends. 855 more words


Is it too late to be back?

The last time I blogged, I promised that I will write more often and come up with some new projects. Life apparently had some other plans for me. 517 more words


Truth ruins a good story: My Lady Jane review

Please be aware that this review contains some spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you are fine with being spoiled. 

I don’t know what I was expecting from  232 more words