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Demonic and Other Tales: The Short Fiction of Garon Cockrell

Ronan, my boyfriend, bought me this for my birthday, because Garon works on one of his favourite podcasts, and he thought I might like the idea of a collection of short stories which all tied in to a longer narrative. 874 more words


Book review: The Ironic Christian's Companion by Patrick Henry

In the unlikely event of a gun being put to my head in order to discover my true and final opinion on Patrick Henry’s The Ironic Christian’s Companion, I still wouldn’t be able to offer an answer without some sort of qualifier. 285 more words


Book review: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

I’m happy to report that after years of living as a “late returns” fugitive, I’ve been granted amnesty (literally: South African libraries have a national, annual “book amnesty” week at the end of every March) and I’m now able to partake of the hushed, thoughtful aisles of my local library again. 410 more words


The Mummy Bloggers

Book Review:  The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright

I started reading this book with such enthusiasm. After all, a couple of the characters are my age and they mention all types of things I can relate to (even my beloved Thermomix, LOL) but a few chapters in and, to use my internet speak, everything was blah. 296 more words


House on Harbor Hill

Set in the past and present, The House on Harbor Hill is a murder mystery that tackles the issues of racial prejudice and spousal abuse in the lives of two very different women…

494 more words

Thursday Thoughts: Finding the Way

I’m well aware of what happened on this day 23 years ago. I was there. Twenty-three years. Wow. That’s a lifetime for some people. For me, it’s 1/3 of my life ago. 356 more words

Writing Life

Out and About - Bristol Hatchet with Books on the Hill, 19/05/2018

Hi all!

We’re moving house A WEEK TODAY – hurrah! It’s the culmination of a long old journey and I can’t wait for this new phase in my life to start. 213 more words