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What Matters in Jane Austen by John Mullan

I lack discipline in many areas of my life, books included, but the one thing I’m scrupulously strict about is my Jane Austen rereadings schedule. I can only reread a novel once per year (and… 747 more words


Horace Walpole's Library by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis

Horace Walpole’s Library by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a fun romp through the history of Horace Walpole’s library! I knew Walpole from his work The Castle of Otranto, the first gothic novel. 674 more words


Review: 'A Burnable Book' by Bruce Holsinger

London, 1385.

A book and a cloth prophesy regicide.

Two aspiring poets hide their dark secrets.

Two ambitious men plot revenge.

Two fallen women aspire for a better life. 621 more words

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Harry Potter's Bookshelf, John Granger

I was supposed to finish Anna Quindlen’s essay How Reading Changed My Life last night, just in time to write about it today, but I got tricked into reading a… 493 more words

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Review: "10:04" by Ben Lerner

Ben Lerner’s critically acclaimed new novel, 10:04, opens with the narrator walking along High Line Park in Manhattan with his literary agent after having shared a meal of baby octopus “ 1,430 more words

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Sickness, Nick Hornby, and Ignorance

I’ve been sick with a rotten cold since Friday; hence no posting lately.  I’ve been reading though!  Oh yes, illness will not deter me.  (Except when I had mono at the age of 22 – couldn’t read for two weeks and that only added to the level of hell that is mononucleosis.)  I’m currently reading Nick Hornby’s… 517 more words

Helen MacDonald - H is for Hawk

Love, death and the wild, wide world

Helen MacDonald’s aching, raw story of loss and relationship speaks so much of longing that reading it is as much about being fed, sustained by grief, as her hawk is fed by the death it has dealt. 832 more words

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