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Watered-Down Wolitzer

I am a huge fan of Meg Wolitzer’s work. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read of hers thus far, and she is one of those writers I want to be like when I grow up.  460 more words

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The First Bad Man

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And now for something completely unrelated…

Spoiler warning!

What drew me to The First Bad Man (Miranda July) was the interesting title and the not-so-interesting cover: completely black with plain white letters. 588 more words

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Remembering Abraham Lincoln on the 150th Anniversary of his Death

In April of 1865, Concord mourned the assassination of President Lincoln with a memorial service at the First Parish Meetinghouse, featuring an address by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 207 more words

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Some of my favourite Terry Pratchett quotes on (and from) Death

Terry Pratchett – author of arguably one of the best series of fantasy novels (and indeed, the wittiest) – the world has ever seen, has died. 437 more words

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So much universe, and so little time...

I discovered Sir Terry Pratchett almost by accident. I read The Wee Free Men sometime late in primary school, or early in intermediate, enjoyed it a whole lot, especially his autobiographical paragraph, and then looked at the inside covers and discovered that I’d started with, oh, just the 30th book in a series. 690 more words

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Wrap-up Lecture in History of Economic Thought

The ancient world

Serious thought began in the ancient world – roughly 400 BC – with ideas on how to deal with what we know today as the “economic problem” (scarcity, and how society decides what to produce/consume, how to produce, and who will consume). 1,729 more words

Economic Thought

Ten Most Read Authors

I was inspired by a YouTube video to compile my most read authors. So, I went back through my Goodreads, and a few Wikipedia bibliographies, and put together this list. 88 more words

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