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Fun Fact Friday!!! - The Rise of New York as the Publishing Capital

Picture is a READ sculpture made of 25,000 Dr. Seuss Books at New York Public Library in 2011.

I love New York City. Like, literally love everything about it. 1,219 more words

Did You Know?

Top 10 Things Publicists want Authors to Know

You’ve handed in your manuscript, completed all the edits and now your job is done. You’re thinking that now it’s up to your publisher’s publicity machine to make your book a success. 1,573 more words

Beginning Writers

Literary Agent vs Publicist

So, I told you I would dive a little deeper into what exactly a publicist does versus a literary agent so there’s no confusion. Because, as I said before, I was confused. 567 more words

Beginning Writers

Loner or Introvert?

A couple of months ago, I went to a sit-down restaurant by myself. If I remember correctly, that was the first time I had ever done that. 633 more words


Self-Publishing in 2015

I came across this article in Publisher’s Weekly and it got me wondering a few things about self-publishing and the other options out there for writers. 2,265 more words

Beginning Writers

False Advertising

Every now and then, my morbid side kicks in and I end up reading something about serial killers or Nazis. So I picked up Graeme (how do you pronounce that name?) Cameron’s… 547 more words