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House Cat question of the day: Brazilian waxing. Would my "lady bits" ever forgive me, and would I survive?

House Cat question of the day….. Brazilian Waxing.  Would my “lady bits” ever forgive me, and would I survive?

It’s getting warmer outside, summer is upon us ladies.  1,002 more words

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Some New Books by Seattle Friends

I have a book coming out in this year. So do a number of my friends here in Seattle and little beyond. I’m excited about reading their books. 727 more words

Books And Authors

Did Ya Miss Me??

It’s been three months since my last blog and I guess there’s a multitude of reasons why I haven’t written anything. Mostly it’s because I’ve been busy. 816 more words


Happy Birthday to Beverly Cleary!

Beloved children’s book author Beverly Cleary is 100 years old today! Upon hearing that news, I was filled with memories of my experiences reading her books.  114 more words


A literary soul safari

Some years ago, I went to this remote cottage near Manali, tucked in the lap of the valley, far from any village. The place was ordinary and the lifestyle simple. 414 more words


Brothers and Sisters Are We

I just finished a thought-provoking book called The Sibling Society,* written by Robert Bly, a poet and translator. The main premise of the book is that American society and culture are on a downward trend, and the author illustrates his point using examples from poetry and classical mythology from all over the world.** Bly argues that modern humans, because of their cultural and social environment, are no longer becoming true “adults,” but that they are stuck in a permanent adolescent stage, hence leading to a society of squabbling siblings instead of a world where mature communication and honest intellectual debate abound. 779 more words


Dominant Persuasion's Author Spotlights

Out of Order

by Bella Juarez


Bella Juarez has a passion for writing and tells her stories with a high level of military suspense and erotic romance. 1,321 more words

Michelle reblogged this on Reading, Drinking and Dancing with a Chaser of Snark and commented:

I've been a fan of Bella Juarez's for several years, having become addicted to her "Black Ops Brotherhood," series. She was one, of a select few authors, who featured strong Latinas as heroines, in a sea of "New Adult," early-20-somethings mania. Bella's characters were unique in that they were "Everywomen." Many were middle-aged, yet in the prime of life. They were intelligent, confident, and fully embraced themselves as sexual beings...with some scorchingly sexy, strong men at their sides. I am looking forward to the "Dominant Persuasion" Anthology, and "Out of Touch," in particular, because it is based in my stopping grounds of the Tampa Bay area. I'm interested in how Bella handles the dynamic between a Domme and her gentleman love, who just happens to be a Dom. It should make for an erotically good time! Can't wait!