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After You By Jojo Moyes

After You is the sequel to the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and for some reason, I was completely unaware that it was going to be released.   361 more words

Books And More Books.

October at the Library

Can I start by telling you how happy I was when the kids asked at the beginning of the month if we could go to the library and stay there for a while to read? 208 more words

Books And More Books

The Radley's by Matt Haig

I’d been eyeing this book on the shelf for a long time. Seeing as I loved the Humans by Matt Haig I really wanted to try something else to see what it was like. 319 more words

Books And More Books.

Library Checkouts in September

Thanks to Shannon at River City Reading, I have something to post about… my September library haul. With a huge freelance project going on, my reading has taken a backseat these past two weeks, and sadly, some most of my library books had to go back unread. 235 more words

Books And More Books

Staying Ahead of the Game

September is here and already I am seeing Halloween being promoted in the stores which means the heavy marketing of merchandise has started now and will continue through Christmas. 355 more words

Writing in Several Genres - is this you?

Please feel free to comment about your experience if as an author you write in several genres. Sometimes I think I’m a bit crazy as a writer, but honestly, I’m writing in any moment what interests me. 104 more words

Grace Brannigan

Wordless Wednesday - On My Bookshelf

Today, it’s another Wordless Wednesday post for the Wednesday Random bloggers. I’m going to cheat and use a few words because…It’s my blog. I do what I want.  394 more words

Jessica Jarman