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A FEW BOOKS... 9/2/2016

I recently took note that the majority of my blog seems to have something to do with films and the boob tube or some combination of the two. 688 more words


A life arrested

There’s a theory that a person’s emotional development stops at the age at which one starts taking drugs.

Maybe this same theory can be expounded upon to include the whole of a life halted in its development due to a variety of reasons, whether family dysfunction or other external factors – arrested in a paradigm much like Bill Murray’s character’s was in Groundhog Day, manoeuvring through the same damned day until he finally gets it right, gets to move on to the next step, and the next, and so on. 704 more words


Animal Farm by George Orwell

I read this a while back. I can’t even remember. Before Christmas?

Because I went to a french school, I missed out on a lot of those classic junior high – high school english books. 186 more words

Books And More Books.

Subscription Boxes for Book Lovers

I think I just got myself in trouble.  I found subscription services tailored to book lovers.  I signed up for three services so far.  So you will see a few reviews that are based on the subscription boxes.   433 more words



About 20 years ago I purchased a little alarm clock for about $10.  I specifically chose this one because it appealed to my sense of humor.  594 more words

Just For The Heck Of It!

Decluttering Books

My Take

DiVoran Lites

We may be having a guest soon. We don’t have them often now that our parents have moved on and the grandchildren are grown. 876 more words

DiVoran Lites My Take- Monday

After You By Jojo Moyes

After You is the sequel to the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and for some reason, I was completely unaware that it was going to be released.   361 more words

Books And More Books.