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Things I'm Reading When I Should be Doing Housework

Let me be clear – I should rarely do anything other than housework.  Never mind my big ol’ curls that shed profusely on their own even when I’m not stressed and yanking out my hair by the roots.   1,054 more words

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Book Review: Love in 90 Days by Diana Kirschner

For those single women out there who want to be in a relationship, this book is an A-level keeper. It got 4.5/5 stars on Amazon.com out of a total of 85 reviews, and for excellent reason. 352 more words


Book Reviews:  a reread, a mystery, and a just plain creepy

I’ve been reading three books lately that you might be interested in reading yourself. These books are all really different from each other so maybe one will peak your interest. 687 more words

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Thoughts on Atlas Shrugged, and Today's World

Finally, I’ve gotten around to watching part III of Atlas Shrugged, the final movie instalment based on Ayn Rand’s book of that same name.  The plot of both book and movie very briefly is that the heroine, Dagny Taggart is the CEO of one of county’s last rail lines in an America of the near future where all other forms of transportation have become too expensive due to high energy prices.   1,068 more words


Book Review:  Dear Mr. Knightly by Katherine Reay

I didn’t skim until the last chapter. That is a good book for me. Dear Mr. Knightly kept me interested all the way to nearly the end. 384 more words

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Summer Reading List

It’s official. Next semester, I’m going to law school. Therefore, I’m using this summer to prepare for it. I’m also going to relax as much as possible! 436 more words

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My book launch

There will be few moments in my life as exquisite as Wednesday when Peter Costello* came up to the University to launch the second edition… 819 more words

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