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"Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter": A Book Review

“Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter,” written in 1977, is one of the most prominent works of Mario Vargas Llosa, a renowned novelist from Peru. Vargas Llosa once worked at a radio station and who married his aunt when he was a young adult.   964 more words


Alan Moran - Global Warrior

Since everyone else is discussing it, I cannot see why we should not as well, since the book was edited by a good friend and close colleague. 239 more words

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You didn't read the book and that's all there is to it

From its very title – The post–WWII presidents made mistakes, but they were not pro-Soviet – I knew the article was about Diana West. And I also knew that its author, Ron Capshaw, despite what he says, has never read… 177 more words

Politics - International

French women talked sex and an astrologist got rich at this year's WI Film Festival

Covering the Wisconsin Film Festival this year, I’ve reviewed a few movies for the Badger Herald (link HERE).


Academic publishing and policy

Someone wrote of nice review of my Defending the History of Economic Thought. So I wrote him back:

I am sorry that it has taken me so much time to write to you about your review of my book.

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Will the Mike Duffy Trial Taint Stephen Harper's Brand?

What is most remarkable about Stephen Harper as Prime Minister has been the tenacity of his brand. Apparently made of Teflon. Two recent books, Mark Bourrie’s… 897 more words

Marion Lane

The Kingdom Keepers: Problems With Being A Fan Of This Series

1. There’s no way on any level you can understand how badly I want to be a DHI.

Seriously, I lost count of how many times I went to sleep hoping to wake up in the MK or DL, and then waking up to an alarm clock instead. 410 more words