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How I think of my own economics text

Why would you write a book if you didn’t think what you had to say was different from what others had to say? This is part of a letter I have written to my publisher who is about to publish the third edition of my… 568 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

Ayn Rand discusses Say's Law

Say’s Law starts from the proposition that demand is constituted by supply. This is excerpted from Francisco’s money speech from Atlas Shrugged.

“So you think that money is the root of all evil?” said Francisco d’Aconia.

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Philosophical And Speculative

Progressive internationalism - the basic texts

These are must-read articles if you are interested in the way the world is heading and how it is being led in these directions. The problem is that for the rest, that is, for the vast vast majority, there is not only no interest, there is not even enough knowledge to understand why they should be interested or what difference it will make. 5,578 more words

Philosophical And Speculative

If we all stay...

Time is limited. It is so precious. We don’t know whether we’ll be here tomorrow or not. And sometimes, we don’t even have a choice… But what we had? 667 more words


The Art of the Impossible

The Art of the Impossible is now out in the world and can be bought on line either here in Australia or anywhere at all… 943 more words

Politics - International


Ever since I was young I was a big book-worm, every night you would find me hypnotised by a book.  As I grew up I didn’t read as often as I had too many distractions during the day but during the night I used to lose track of time reading until I fall asleep with the book in my hands.   806 more words

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