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Err...Books or Movies?

Is reading a book more rewarding than watching a movie? Could a movie adaptation be better that it’s source material? Would it be better to read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy before watching the movies or the other way around? 224 more words


M's July Book List

I’m addicted to all books, in any shape, form or condition. I could read for the entire day without stopping if I didn’t have to go to work or interact with other people (I mean c’mon, who needs friends when you have your books?). 514 more words

Hofstra University

A Kiss in time

How did 1 extraordinary day became 3 days and eventually became 3 years?

I know how 3 days became 3 years and that was because i had a heart attack. 355 more words

Books And Movies

The encouraging story of Mr. Fearing

from Wikisource

(emphasis added)

Now, as they walked along together, the guide asked the old gentleman if he did not know one Mr. Fearing, that came on pilgrimage out of his parts. 2,444 more words


Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast reblogged this on Pilgrim’s Progress revisited - Christiana on the narrow way and commented:

This story helped me to understand my own struggle with fear and assurance. I hope it blesses you and that you enjoy it. It is a reblog from my other blog that is devoted to encouragement and joy.

Looking for a corporate sponsor with a sense of history

John Stuart Mill’s library is falling to bits because of a lack of funding. There cannot be a lot of money required, and some corporate philanthropist ought to be able to come up with the needed money out of petty cash. 338 more words



A few weeks ago I remember arguing with my sweetheart about him watching Cinderella because I felt there was more to it than a girl with cruel sisters and mother but he called it a ” fairy tale belief” which every maturing girl has. 189 more words

Books And Movies

Photo of the Day #2464

The summer solstice lent us enough sunlight to go read in the park this evening, long past what should have been dinner time. Laurel read the new Batgirl comic and I read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and around us were all the sounds of the park: birds and children chirping, traffic whispering by, trains calling in the distance, planes rumbling overhead, a clarinet wandering over the grass, faint chiptunes from a video game by the community garden. 69 more words

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