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May 2016 Month in Review

This is the worst time of year, I think.

I don’t get out of school for four more whole weeks, and yet it’s eighty degrees outside and the pool just opened! 539 more words

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Conformity, Identity, Expertise, and A Bad Case of Stripes

In elementary school I remember reading a book called A Bad Case of Stripes. I am not entirely sure how the thought got to me, but upon reviewing the book, I found that there were some very profound and contemporary themes woven throughout the plot and characterization. 930 more words

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Metaphysics, Morality, and If I Stay

For English class I was assigned the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It may be surprising to know that this had been at my request. 1,013 more words

Books And Movies

A New Age Book Review

Remember those dreaded book reviews that we had to do back in like, 8th grade? Well I’m bringing it back. But this is going to be more like “real talk” book review. 395 more words

Books And Movies

The Avenger's Internal Civil War

Recently I have made it my mission to find either a philosophy or a psychology behind any book, television show, or movie I come across. Marvel’s recent Captain America: Civil War is no exception. 847 more words

Books And Movies

Book Review : Invisibility

BOOK REVIEW : INVISIBILITY  by Andrea Cremer (Author of the Nightshade Series) and David Levithan (Author of Every day) 869 more words

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