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Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2019

Being an avid member of the bookish community over the past few years, I realised there are many reading challenges that can help me fulfil my ultimate goal every year: read as many books as possible. 782 more words


BOOK REVIEW: Blanca & Roja, by Anna-Marie McLemore ~ My introduction to Magical Realism! *SPOILER FREE*

“I don’t mind questions,” Page said. “Most people never bother asking.”

Hello awesome nerds and welcome to the first SPOILER FREE BOOK REVIEW of 2019! 629 more words


Books I Should've Read Already 📚

One of the reasons why I’m not a huge fan of TBR lists is because I never stick to them! Even though I know there are unread books on my shelves, new ones come out that I’m more excited about and then my TBR pile grows bigger and bigger every month. 639 more words


Books VS Movie/TV Shows Adaptations

They say the book is always better, but what if maybe, just maybe, some movies and TV shows ended up being better than the book itself? 1,184 more words


2018 Year in Review

2018 is over.

This year has been a crazy ride: the completion of the college application process, the whirlwind of senior year events and grad parties and graduation itself, a two-week trip to Europe that was an incredible experience, moving into college, and completing my first semester at the college of my dreams. 466 more words

Books And Movies


Reading has become cool again and so lately, being an avid reader means that you’re expected to read a gazillion books per month, when instead reading should be all about enjoying the books that you read at a certain time, without having to worry about how many books you’ll have finished by the end of the month. 820 more words


BLOG VIEW: An Unsuitable Boy - Karan Johar with poonam Saxena

Being a dire admirer of KARAN JOHAR , mainly because of his way of talking, his unapologetic self and of course sarcasm and wit,  ( No, i didn’t forget his movies but… 423 more words

Books And Movies