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The Voynich Manuscript: the world's most fascinating useless artefact

(Sorry for not sticking to my regular blogging schedule: I’ve been ill.)

Chatting about the Voynich manuscript is something I do at parties when I run out of things to say. 1,035 more words

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Moving Print Book Files from CreateSpace to IngramSpark

A couple of years ago Lynne Cantwell gave a great overview of three of the most popular choices for paperback distribution: CreateSpace, Lulu, and IngramSpark. As Lynne explained, while all three have benefits, IngramSpark, owned by Ingram Content Group, “has the most robust distribution chain of any of the three POD services, as its parent…

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An article by Paul Kingsnorth I thought was worth sharing

The wise, inventive, and compelling author Paul Kingsnorth has written two books I love, and here he has written an article. It’s about the changes that occurred in our political landscape in 2016 — about Trump’s election and the EU vote — and why those aren’t the important events at all. 120 more words

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Waterstones Book of the Year: The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent, which we publish at my work, has won Waterstones Book of the Year!

I honestly could not be happier, more excited, or more full of a sense of justice having been done (I bet there’s a long German word for that emotion) than when I opened the email. 102 more words

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Poets & Writers Information Clearing House

I enjoy reading this magazine. I also enjoy its online presence from writers’ news to the database of grants and competitions. However, the page filled with links to Poets & Writers articles is a must, especially for new writers. 112 more words


If you're a writer, how much snake oil have you bought this year?

“During a gold rush, sell shovels.”  – Sam Brannan, San Francisco, 1848

If you’re rushing out to look for gold, you really do need a shovel. 862 more words

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Why Your Book Distribution May Be Disappointing

“This is for all of the authors or presses that wonder why their books aren’t appearing in stores; aren’t being sold in e-book form on bn.com but are on Amazon; aren’t available for order if a store wants to get copies; and any other question that might arise regarding the overall concern of “why isn’t my book selling?”   The answer is about book distribution and sales: just because a book is distributed, doesn’t mean it is actually in a store.” 114 more words

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