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Short Stories In The Internet Age

I am a big fan of short stories. As much as I like novels, there are times when a short story is just better. Whether it is on something like a train ride or a bus trip, being able to start and finish a story in one quick sitting is a pleasure all of its own. 632 more words


Virginia Woolf's voice

Yesterday, the BBC released the only known recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice. It’s ‘from a talk was called “Craftsmanship” and was broadcast on the BBC on April 29th, 1937 as part of a series called “Words Fail Me”.’ 233 more words

Books And Publishing

My uncle is having a book published!


It’s being published by Thomas and Mercer on the 1st March. I read it about six months ago, I was amazed at the amount of research and detail… and I’d be a lousy niece if I didn’t mention it!  175 more words

Books And Publishing

What happened to Mr. Lee of Mighty Current in Hong Kong?

from the ABA:

The American Booksellers Association (ABA), the Association of American Publishers (AAP), the Authors Guild (AG), the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF), and PEN American Center (PEN) wish to express their extreme concern over news reports about the disappearance of five employees of a Hong Kong publishing company, Mighty Current, and its bookstore, the Causeway Bay Bookstore. 283 more words

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The Lady in the Van; or, My Life is Ridiculous

Sometimes experiences stick with you for strange reasons. Songs, films, books, pieces of writing sit in your mind doggedly for years, even if they didn’t appear to have much of an effect at the time. 433 more words

Books And Publishing

What is the minimum value of any textbook?

We’ve all been there: the textbook you spent $150 dollars on at the start of the term is now suddenly worth… $17.04?

They say you can’t put a price on learning, but we’re going to try.  302 more words

College Life

January 6th Book Sale - 'Conjure Woman's Cat'

If the King Curio Catalog were still published today, perhaps it would feature Conjure Woman’s Cat, a curious but hard hitting novella about a north Florida conjure woman who uses spells and tricks to fight the KKK. 158 more words

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